Thursday, October 27th, 2005

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. BohemianLikeYou

    Jesus, Estee is in such denial. She just cannot bear to face reality. The probation violation answer and the whole “He cheated once and I…” thing really put it into focus and I’m surprised no one called her on it. She didn’t want to face her part in that. What she was going to say is “I cheated too.” Probably multiple times. But she stopped herself because she just couldn’t say it. Listen, everyone, if it happened it happened. Face up to it. It’s reality. Face it head on. I know it’s scary but if you don’t do that you don’t ever grow and you won’t ever be able to handle your “S” as they would say. The longer you do that the harder it gets and the more miserable you are. A little work now to save a lot of it later on. Pretty good deal, right? So let’s start doing that. Let’s start facing up to real life.

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    Adam tells the story of how he drove his car off of a tow truck with former Man Show director, Tom Stern.


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    Caller sends in a list of Top 20 Loveline Moments and the guys go over a few.


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