Tuesday, October 25th, 2005

Guest: Tom Kenny

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the TV show SpongeBob SquarePants

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  1. rogafufuken

    The thing with Germany or Florida that always kind of irked me was they imply Florida is the craziest state, when the true stereotype in America is that California is the most bat shit insane state with the REALLY weird stories of people tweaking out of their minds on meth, the deadbeat dads, etc. Just sayin.

  2. pastahero

    Yeah, the guy defending Florida is way, way off. Florida’s laws (assets are protected from civil suits in other states) make it the inarguable #1 destination for deadbeat dads and O.J. Simpson.

  3. pastahero

    Caller Joanne is 19, addicted to meth and has 3 kids. She would have 4 but her boyfriend made her have an abortion. Adam goes off on a great rant about the Joannes of the world, and how Drew’s 3 kids will have to pay taxes to support her 3 kids.

  4. blorgus

    This show gets off to a really strong start: ice cream parlors modeled on the misguided assumption that 9-year-olds are obsessed with the culture of the 1920’s, a certificate for eating an entire “pig’s trough” of ice cream being the only award Adam had ever received up to that point, old Jews on the porch of their retirement community, etc. Great, great stuff.

  5. mmccgg88

    I like Tom as a guest, although I think he bites his tongue a bit since he work on a kid’s cartoon. A woman calls in regards to a threesome and at around 34:30 there are a few hilarious “You’re Gay” drops. Had me rolling. Classic.

  6. BMacC

    Tom is one of the best Loveline guests in my opinion, wish he was on more often… or was a third a cohost, his comedy stylings paired w/ Adam make for an epic show, good work Spongebob.

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