Wednesday, October 19th, 2005

Guest: Criss Angel

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the TV show Criss Angel Mindfreak

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  1. pastahero

    Compared to other magicians, psychics, etc., Criss Angel sounds relatively unpretentious. Nice guy, too.

    He does a pretty neat “think of a number” trick. I want to re-listen, write it down and figure it out.

  2. easyrid3r

    Criss is OK. Definitely A+ magician. Understands he does “demonstrations and combines it with stunts.”

    Adam doesn’t clobber Criss… Is it because he is legit or because he has a show on TLC with “The Adam Carolla Project.”

    HILARIOUS WWII Iwojima / Foreplay / Sex analogy.

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    Funny halloween jag by Adam. Girls who “slut it up” and guys who work out always having their shirts off.


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