Tuesday, October 11th, 2005

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. Landlubber

    A girl calls in who says her boyfriend wants oral even though she gets cold sores (herpes). Drew says you can do it as long as he’s okay with getting herpes on his unit, which he will then transfer to your genital area.

    Adam then questions this and says didn’t we used to tell people that there are two different strains or something and that one couldn’t be transferred to the other?

    Drew says we used to think that like 15 years ago. Adam swears he was on this show when they were telling people that it couldn’t transfer. Drew doesn’t think so.

    I don’t know exactly what show it was, but they absolutely did tell people this on the show. And it was relatively recently, like in the last year or two.


  2. Landlubber

    During the lightning round a guy calls in that sounds exactly like the drop that goes “Now get ready for hot horny studs.”

    They have him say it and play the drop right after. It’s uncanny.

  3. krupocin

    Landlubber, you’re absolutely right Drew had said this recently (couple yrs at most). I’m a doctor myself and I catch him screwing up all the time when it comes to non-addiction medicine, especially when it comes to medications. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the guy and he really is great at what he does specifically, but Adam is 100% right when he talks about Bruce being the better doctor and Drew coming in a nicer package. Drew BS’s so much sometimes I’ve actually yelled in my car during my PM commute haha!

  4. krupocin

    Oh all that being said though, I couldn’t believe that the guys didn’t realize “Sativa” was trolling them to say the drug name on the air, she even said “say my name one more time” a few times and they complied, they’re usually so good at that. Definitely a weak Loveline episode, but that’s still better than most everything else out there. I really can’t stand when he does 10 minutes on “car options” or “wait Drew, 1 x # = 1!? What about 1 x 50?!” though lol.

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    Sativa, F

    Caller Sativa's name reminds Adam of a fictional "light sport" car. He spends the whole car detailing it's features.


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    Ken, M

    Ken just saw the first episode of the Adam Carolla Project. He likes it MUCH more than Adam's late night show


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    Adam and Drew both write down what percentage of guys they think have masturbated at work: Adam writes 61%, Drew writes 60%. Sympatico!


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