Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

Guest: David Alan Grier

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Black kid's names

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  1. heapoftears

    This has to be the origin for the “DAG black kid’s names” bit. Someone chime in… It sounded very natural.
    As if it was the first time Dag went off like this. Adam only partially prompted him. Eventually’ Adam would
    ride DAG like a rented mule; for the naming of children.

  2. MrBossin

    I personally love DAG’s cum then fall asleep bit. Really I love any bit that cracks Adam and Drew’s shit up, and this one has to take the cake. The black kids medicine names is a close second. I just love when the guest can crack Adam up. When he laughs at something it makes me laugh even harder.

  3. ct

    Pretty good show. Wouldn’t say it’s DAGs best appearance or that it belongs in the top 5 though. The Katrina stuff is good and the medicine names things was hilarious. 4/5

  4. Landlubber

    If you like a loud obnoxious rarely funny idiot constantly interrupting everyone to go off on his own little unfunny forced skits that have nothing to with the topic, stepping on Adam’s jokes, cutting Drew off when he’s giving actual advice, and breaking into loud impressions and voices…..this is your show.

  5. SMDB

    i mainly crack up when adam does and he seems to do it a lot more when dag’s around so that’s why i enjoy it. you’re right though, nbd either way 🙂

  6. Landlubber

    The black kids names thing that DAG does is one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard so I’ll give him that. And you’re right, hearing Adam crack up is hilarious.

    I guess it’s just that DAG dominates every conversation and steps on Adam constantly. Just doesn’t feel like the same show when he’s in studio.

  7. SMDB

    ya i can see that too but on the flip side every time he does interrupt he usually makes adam and drew laugh which makes me laugh as well so i don’t mind it as much as i would if he was just doing it to be annoying 🙂

  8. mjg134

    As this seems to be the DAG discussion group my take is that DAG does dominate the show making it something of an unnatural LL episode. That being said if you enjoy his comedy & appreciate his range (black stereotypes to Tony award-winning vocal performances), then the DAG episodes are great. If not you’ll probably walk away thinking all he did was step over everything & one.

    Let’s save some babies!

  9. Landlubber

    Wdf, I don’t like any guest who makes the entire show about themselves. They think that every thought that pops into their head needs to be screamed into the microphone. They know it’s rude to interrupt people, but they’re convinced that what they’re about to say is so incredibly funny that it will elicit uproarious laughter and the interruption will be forgiven. Just picture if they had Robin Williams as a guest on the show and what an absolute train wreck it would be. Again, I reiterate, comedy is subjective and some people like the chaos of the DAG episodes. It’s only my opinion, but I dislike the chaos, and don’t find him funny, save for a couple of his skits.

  10. KevlarMoneyclips

    A woman calls and says every time she cries, she vomits. The guys mishear her and think she wants her tonsils out to give better blowjobs. Drew even yells. Big misunderstanding. Kinda frustrating to listen to.

  11. krupocin

    Lol this site has some of the cattiest comments I’ve ever seen, people seem to get so upset at the opinions of others. A lot are giving landlubber shit, but I read these comments (and I know others that do as well) beforehand to decide whether to add the episode to my iPod or wait until my 2nd pass after I’ve listened to all the best. It would be pointless if this was only “a place for Loveline fans to “love” Loveline” as someone said. Sure it’s good for that, but it’s also good for honest reviews. DAG can be hilarious but he’s so bipolar and moody that out of the 20+ episodes he’s done there are at least 5 that I really wish I’d have been warned to avoid haha.

  12. absolutdre

    @KevlarMoneyclips – my friend you have missed the mark. The caller was saying that she wanted to have her tonsils removed in order to perform better oral sex. She was saying that everytime she tries to perform oral she vomits therefore if her tonsils were removed she wouldn’t have to gag reflex anymore. The caller was retarded, Adam, Drew and David were right to yell at her and you are the idiot.

  13. Andingo

    I have to agree with FireFox516 about the old man black voice, that shit makes me laugh everytime! I love the black kids skit but the black man voice is just as funny

  14. Andingo

    I always listen to this show as well as all of DAG’s appearances in order and i can stop laughing over the same shit DAG does HAHA! The 1st vomit skit i loose it hearing him puke and more than that, hearing Adam laugh! Thank God for whoever uploads all these shows for us, they help me through work and time relaxing, Thank You!!!!

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    DAG breaks into the 'old black man' voice - funniest moment EVER on Loveline


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    DAG breaks into a HILARIOUS bit where he takes the names of pharmaceuticals and turns them into the names of black children. F’ing great!


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