Sunday, March 6th, 2005

Guest: Tom Burbine

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Starting January 10th, 2005 and ending January 14th, 2005, KROQ had an online auction to benefit Tsunami relief efforts, and one of the items up for bidding was, "Co-Host Loveline with Adam & Dr. Drew: Step into Adam Carolla's shoes for one night as the co-host of KROQ's Loveline." The dollar amount climbed steadily throughout the week of bidding, with an ending bid of $15,000. The winning bidder on the auction was Tom Burbine. Another eager fan, David Roos, matched Tom's bid in order to also co-host the show on a different night.

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  1. BMacC

    Great show, even though he doesn’t talk much Tom is better than a lot of real Loveline guests, Medicinal Marijuana call was funny to listen to now as a Denver resident

  2. Landlubber

    Okay, this guy is an astrophysicist and planetary science specialist who studied at MIT, but he sounds like a goddamn buffoon. When he talks it’s almost like he’s doing a character. But he’s clearly a fan of the show, which is great.

    He brings both guys gifts and it’s hilarious. He gets Drew some stuff from his alma mater, Amherst College, but he gets Adam DVD’s of Taboo 2 and New York Minute, the Olsen Twins movie that Drew was in that Adam never even watched. Tom also brings a big decorative tin of popcorn in case Adam needs to go to the bathroom.

    Adam asks Tom about what plan, if any, exists for preventing an asteroid from plowing into Earth and killing everyone. Turns out, it’s essentially the plot of Armageddon. They would use a neutron bomb to alter its trajectory so it would miss Earth all together. Blowing it up wouldn’t do a damn thing because then we’d just have a million big ass rocks hurtling to spots unknown on the planet, instead of one REALLY big one. So hopefully Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis are on standby in case we need them.

    I just can’t get over this guy’s voice. He sounds like the retarded character from Crank Yankers but instead of just saying “Yayyy, I wanna go to Hawaii,” he’s talking astrophysics. He sounds like Woody Allen with a serious brain injury.

    Adam discovers that Drew actually plans to screen his children for drugs regularly at home. Adam says he should at least wait until he catches them in the act before he starts in with that crap otherwise he’s gonna make his kids hate him and turn them into Loveline callers. Later, Drew mentions that he’s gonna be on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show to go over the results of his experiment where he had people watch pornography while having a functional MRI scan to monitor their brain activity, and how it differs between the genders.

    Adam: “Wait till you get that home MRI thing to pass your kids through. Drew’s house is gonna be great. It’s gonna be like an Israeli airport. Lunch pail screenings, pat downs before they come in the house.”

    Tom says it’s been one of his life goals for a long time to appear on Loveline, and he knew he would never get on because he’s not a writer, and actor, and doesn’t have big breasts. So when this opportunity came about, he had to jump at it, even though his $15,000 donation represents roughly 30% of his annual salary. He says his only hope was to be a better guest than the other guy who donated $15,000 who appeared on the show about a week earlier.

    Adam: “All you had to do was belch into the microphone to get that done.” Lol, you know that guy is listening out there and that comment probably ripped his heart out.

    Anyway, Tom gets his money’s worth if for no other reason than he gets to do the most elaborate radio math in the history of Loveline after a girl says she’s “about 5’6″ and 135-145lbs.”

  3. TheScientist

    I liked this dude. SUPER nerd, but kind of endearing. Seamlessly hops in on some radio math for a caller who has big boobs, claims to be attractive and wants breast reduction surgery. Actually HE initiates it by asking her height, then throws in some astrophysics level math.

    Turns out he’s not super wealthy or anything, 15 grand is 1/3 of his yearly income, and he says its gonna leave him in the hole for years.

    He brings in gifts: I can’t tell if Drew is being overly gracious, but he gets an Amherst shirt and coffee mug which he is ecstatic about, and hilariously Tom gives Adam a 3rd copy of Taboo 2 (which Adam says he can keep in the SUV and watch on the fold-down screens) and Drews movie “New York Minute”, so Adam no longer has an excuse not to watch it.

    Tom gives us the lowdown on some Asteroids, which is interesting. It is genuinely pretty interesting.

    Also, ADAM AGAIN, AS IF BY USE OF WIZARDRY, ACCURATELY PREDICTS DREW’S DAUGHTER’S EATING DISORDER. (One of Drew’s daughters recently revealed that she struggles with bulimia and anorexia).

    This show is basically if one of us got a chance to be on Loveline.

  4. rlfstr

    Tom is stoked to be on the show.

    Has one of those sweet Loveline moments that showcase how good/funny Adam & Drew were together…
    Drew (about caller): “I smell chaos…”
    Adam: “I just farted.”
    Drew: “Beyond the fart, I smell chaos.”

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