Thursday, February 10th, 2005

Guest: Jen Schefft

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the TV show The Bachelorette

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  1. inFRUITthe

    Jen was “the bachlorette”. Adam takes a shine to her and shares his strategy for how he would woo her on the show, taking the nom de plume “Mr. X”. It builds over time, becoming more and more absurd – culminating with Mr. X taking care of both a three legged horse (Jericho) and a one flippered turtle (Donald? or something) that he rescued from an oil spill. It’s great.

  2. pastahero

    Really strong episode. I can’t remember her chiming in during a call, but otherwise Jen is a great guest; she digs Adam’s sense of humor and, while she’s not a comedian herself, she gives him just the right cues to keep the “Mr. X” routine going.

    At one point Adam talks about wearing a Zorro mask so that “it wouldn’t be all about looks,” and some jackass actually employed that strategy on the latest “Bachelorette!”

  3. JSmith

    As a guest in this episode, Jen’s got a killer attitude and plays along with all of Adam’s hilarious “Bachelorette” scenarios. The Mr. X gag keeps getting better and better throughout the episode! Five stars, one of the best episodes.

  4. rlfstr

    Hmm… I gotta say… I became a fan of Loveline because I’m interested in medicine and especially psychology, so I find it immensely informative and of course funny. I think Drew is brilliant and guests often have colorful stories to tell, and I especially enjoy hearing those whose work I admire. But I gotta say Adam really gets on my nerves sometimes. I understand why he was vital to the show and I often find him genuinely funny, but damn, sometimes his smug blabbering can be very grating. I can’t stand when female guests laugh like hyenas at his yapping, or when callers say he’s a god or should become the president. This is one of the shows where I just wished he’d shut up.

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