Sunday, November 21st, 2004

Guest: Will Arnett

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the TV show Arrested Development

The show starts out with a bit of confusion, Drew is trying to tell Will about Adam painting his oven.

Apparently Adam painted his viking oven with automotive paint over the weekend.

Will thinks Drew said something about "gettin' some lovin".

Will "...I don't know if I have ever been so sorry about asking a question as I am right now"

Adam explains how he is always in the middle of two people having a misunderstanding and he always knows what the other person is talking about.

Adam discusses how he and Will are kindred spirits and how Will is a Dear, Dear friend but they have never seen each other outside of the show.

Will "..we've talked about it before it'll never happen"

Adam "..we could definitely hang although we wont'

Adam inquires as to why/how people can hear things that were not said.

Drew once again is mistaken in thinking that he heard Will's voice doing the promos for The OC, Will then does an impromptu promo for the OC while imitating the guy who actually does it.

Will "this week on an all new THE OC"

Will "This week on an all new Vegas someone is killing showgirls and Dan wants to know why" (awesome!!)

Adam brings up Will's wife Amy and SNL, Will mentions she was hugged by BONO on the last episode.

Adam then goes off on U2 and BONO , Will and Adam then riff on Adam's Idea of sending BOB Seger over to Ireland to complain about all the things they are not doing right to see how BONO likes it.

Will's Idea is to send Ted Nugent, Adam and Will riff on that for a few beats.

Drew brings up the NBA fight from a few nights ago, a fan threw a drink on Ron Artest and there was huge controversy.

Drew "..a mule that pulls a train?"(a description of himself)

Adam "hahahahaha... whatever you do on the weekends is your business"

Adam then goes off on athletes, which segues into the fans which then segues into the dirtballs one is forced to sit near during air travel.

Adam and Will come up with a new game show "Herpes or Gay" complete with a VO from Will.

Adam then wants proclaims Will his Rod Roddy which segues into them mocking the recently deceased Rod for his name and questioning whether or not it was made up.

Adam "..but it's not good enough to be made up.."

Will "..well he was an announcer"

Adam "..Chris go to Rod Roddy's grave during the next commercial and..uh, and bury yourself.."

An extended discussion regarding disorders of motivational systems amongst human beings and how people refuse to address them.

Drew "..just plug in Polar(Poehler) bear instead of human.."

Adam "..which is probably like a pet name that will has for his wife Amy Poehler.."

Will " just made me cry"

A conversation about profiling develops, very interesting!

Anderson jumps on the mic and states that he has never seen AD and did not know that Will was even on the show tonight but he caught an episode for the 1st time and he loved it.

Anderson "'s everybody's kind of show is what I'm saying"

(nicely done Anderson)

Adam mentions he can't discuss his store idea Lava Lamps and C' Rings anymore due to the FCC.

Brian calls in with a Germany or Florida and Adam asks will if he has played before, he once again forgets what he did on his 1st appearance and says no.

A few seconds later after Adam explains it he seems to remember.

Caller Brian "...I've been called strange.."

At 32:00 minutes Adam, Drew and Will together begin to riff on the concept of a woman who is so hot she could crap on your waffle and you would be happy.

This phrase WaffleCrapper was added to urban dictionary a few years ago, Drew actually put the two words together but the definition and idea came from Adam.

Adam "..oh my god I'm banging a human this sucks.."

Adam "..if it's Claudia Schiffer... the next morning your like could you please crap on my waffle, thank you..."

Will "..they go for that in Germany.."

Adam " ever crap on his waffles?"

Will "'s not a euphemism by the way."

Drew "..Will haven't you said to your friends...she's a wafflecrapper"

Will " and dad I can't wait till you meet her, I'm bringing her home for thanksgiving, she's a real wafflecrapper!"

Adam "...your mother was a wafflecrapper at one time too!"

Will "'s even got a German..WAFFLECRAPPER!"

Adam "..WaffleCrapping time is over"(parodying the famous LL drop)

Will "..Americas next Waffle Crapper!"

(listen for lots of insane background laughter from all 3 guys and Drew pounding the table with his fist because he is cracking up so hard)

The WaffleCrapper riff goes on for about 5 minutes and it may be the most laughing ever in LL history.

Adam discusses the emmys AD has received and how 5 is the perfect number.

Adam " get six emmys and it's like alright somethings going on....Arnett's giving a reacharound to one of the guys.."

Will "...I don't know why I get accused of a reacharound..."

Adam "...Bateman's got way too much dignity for that...he's a proud guy, he wouldn't do that, you'll stoop to any level"

Will "reacharound bright eyes"(singing)

This episode is Legendary!

(Tracy Morgan voice)

Adam asks a woman to fire her kid into the neighbors yard with a water balloon launcher.

Will "..and I've sort of picked up on a trend..the couple time I've been here, there's a chance that he was abused?"

Adam mentions that they should put one of their emmys in the background of the show and then Will explains that there actually was a trophy on a shelf of one of the sets that kinda looked like an emmy and once the producers saw it and made the props dept take it down.

Drew gives a mini review of National Treasure, and describes the female lead as a real wafflecrapper.

Adam touches on his hatred for John woo movies but Drew explains it was bad but not in that way.

Adam wants to know if caller Lola knows the song/band her name is from because callers never know the song or band that sings a song with their name.

Lola describes herself as a "very erotic person".

Anderson prompts Adam's to reiterate his oral sex analogy of sucking on a finger/ licking an open wound.

Adam then give his 1st churro vs. abalone comparison(male vs. female oral sex), Adam comes up with this analogy in real time and continues to use it in future episodes and still uses it.

Adam "...bury your face in an abalone shell?"

Adam "..stop saying how erotic you are and how good you are at oral sex"

Will " You know what I also love, I love this thing that is going across the country too, I'm the kinda person who...I Love that!!....Are You?

A round of Aces accordion countdown.

This show has so many classic elements, Adam is in peak blackbelt comedy form and Drew is even breaking some comedy bricks himself.

If only Adam was aware of how much of an effect Will has on his comedic abilities, I think he would be a weekly ACS guest similar to Joel Mchale.

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  1. Landlubber

    Classic episode. Will is great as always. The guys all crack each other up the whole time. Wafflecrapper. Good discussion about racial profiling that gets interrupted by a commercial. Great show top to bottom.

  2. Landlubber

    Adam talks about Drew having a cyanide capsule in his cheek in case he ever walks in on his daughter 69ing the gardener, he can just chomp down on it and be dead before he ever hits the floor.

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