Thursday, July 1st, 2004

Guest: Patton Oswalt & Brian Posehn

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

Extended Spider-Man 2 discussion which leads into a top superhero movies discussion.

At one point while talking to a young male caller who isn't really into sex, Patton remarks that he's lucky because "women can smell it on me like a serial killer at a rest stop" in reference to his sexual interest in women.

Long discussion on men vs. womens rating in the dating world, Adam comments that he could now get Adrienne Barbeau which leads Patton and Brian to join in and they discuss all the aging celebrities they could now get based on their success.


Adam "oh I passed Bea Arthur nine months ago"

John Kerry vs. George Bush discussion.

Discussion about Jimmy Kimmel's recent(at the time) comments on Detroit, a caller agrees with Jimmy and Explains "Devil's Night" to which Brian replies "I've seen the Crow" hilarious!

Adam "the only Ross on tv is the fictitious Ross on Friends"

Brian" He's not fictitious"

The Gang Explain how to get into Radio.

Adam discusses his comedy traffic school experience working for "Lettuce amuse you"

Adam introduces Patton and Brian to the ultimate insult "DoucheNozzle"

Which leads to a hilarious explanation of where to use the term.

A caller asks about the dangers of rubbing his penis on his girlfriends genitals and if it is less dangerous than sex.

Brian "I usually do that while they're sleeping"

Adam "that's more of a rummaging isn't it Brian?"

Brian "and it's not my penis either"

Patton "it's a penis he stole from the morgue"


Adam "it doesn't matter if your working a glory hole in Africa or just a white insurance adjuster from Omaha, you have the same statistical chance of contracting HIV.

Brian "the only thing I just took from that is I'm going to Africa!"

A great call by a young woman who cuts and injects chemicals into her skin, she claims she once sprayed a can of RAID into a jar and then injected it.

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  1. dee81sd

    Drew explains he had to call AAA to help him get his oil cap while at home. Adam makes fun “some old lady was probably broken down on the side of the road getting raped.. meanwhile AAA is helping drew at home!!” His rant is HILARIOUS!!!!

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    Jenna, F, 16

    Jenna wonders if her boyfriend is only interested in sex. Brian: "Sex is radical!". All agree he's a normal 16 year old male.


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    Eric, M, 18

    Eric calls with a GorF: 2 men blew themselves up in a car with fireworks. All guess Florida, and they're right.

    Germany or Florida?


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    Sarah, F, 17

    Anal sex causes Sarah to feel like she needs to go to the bathroom. Brian: "Your butt's not smart". Anal Stockholm Syndrome is suspected.

    anal sex condoms


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