Wednesday, June 23rd, 2004

Guest: Justin Long

Host: Adam, Dr. Bruce

4.35 (49 votes)

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Show Summary:

From the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story.

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  1. Justin

    I loved this episode really couldn’t stop laughing
    Justin is quite funny and hearing Adam berate Bruce never gets old. Adam is great though!
    ” I had this girlfriend who wanted me to say nasty and mean things to her and I told her I didn’t like her Mom!”-Ace.

  2. rlfstr

    Justin is a sweetheart. Listened to this again for the second time on a whim and definitely a ★★★★★ show for me! I agree that Bruce shows can be hit or miss, but this one is definitely excellent..

  3. Dsteelenz

    Great show, Ace was in fine form and Justin shared a similar sense of humour.

    Laugh my ass off everytime Ace retells the talking dirty to his GF story……”I dont care for the woman” lol

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    Kevin, M, 17

    Girl he's dating for 6 months, having sex for past 2. She is aggressive; wants hit/smothered, should he indulge? Adam: toe the line, fun

    abusive/absent father dating other sexual activities


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    Brian, M, 17

    Caller's mom was 11. Germany or Florida: Indecent exposure, drunk, naked.

    Germany or Florida?


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