Tuesday, April 13th, 2004

Guest: 311

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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SA Martinez & Aaron Wills

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  1. clawson26

    At about 1:10:20 Drew says Beth Ringwald told him at a party that Adam lost his virginity to her. He didn’t deny it and said they did later find their way to each other later after she spurned him for his friend Kenny who she then married 20 years later. I thought he always portrayed her as the one who got away – turns out she was a slow runner and quite fickle 😉

  2. OscarMilde

    That’s pretty interesting if true. Adam talks about Beth in one of his books, just as a girl he was obsessed with, but he doesn’t mention the ol’ in-out, in-out, which you think he might.

  3. matty

    anderson chimes in around 53 min with a smugly-asserted (yet incorrect) factoid. he may have truly impressive drop reaction time and do all kinds of selfless work with cancer kids, but MAN does he come off as a smug dick

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