Sunday, March 14th, 2004

Guest: Will Arnett

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the TV show Arrested Development

Adam congratulates Will on the success of the show.

Will addresses the ratings and how they are not great.

Adam and Drew are mistaken about Will's VO work and think they have heard him in tons of stuff since his last appearance, at the time he was still only doing GMC.

Adam then goes off on VO work and how everyone tries to sound the same,

Adam brings up Ernie Anderson and his old NBC promos.

Will explains that in order to get VO work you need to study the tapes of the guys who are successful and then imitate them in order to get hired.

Adam then goes off on a legendary "Sunday, Sunday, Sunday" Drag Racing announcer rant.

Adam "big daddy Don Gartlett, the Chi Town hustler"

Adam goes off on a promo he heard and then brings up Hack and how it's too bad it was canceled.

Anderson then plays one of Will's Hack VO's and he doesn't seem to realize it's him in the clip, he references the voice as if it was someone else.

Adam attempts to interrupt and inform him that that was him in the drop,

Will then gives a great impression of the "days of our lives" announcer.

The VO conversation continues for a while.

Will "..these 3 freeways are going to EXPLODE!!"

Adam discusses men of supreme passion and uses Drew as an example which leads into an extended discussion regarding marriage and relationships.

Will claims Amy doesn't like him cracking jokes in front of her friends because he is to harsh.

Adam goes off on e extended Pie vs. Cake argument after describing a surprise party he was roped into attending by his buddy Chris.

Adam goes off on Religion in an epic fashion with lots of yelling, after they come back from break Adam reveals that Will agrees with everything he said.

Will " air.."

Will laughs the whole time Adam is going nuts.

Adam compares being in a relationship with a woman to that of being a parent.

Drew "..were looking for the BJ's hahaha..."

Will delves into some more issues he is having with his new marriage.

Adam goes off on the messages his mom leaves on his answering machine.

Will "...I like words like break out...Then on Critical Breakout!"

Will brings up CSI NY which leads into a great riff.

Adam explains Wicca to Will.

Adam "..lot of super hot blonde's on the tennis team into wicca, huh?"

Adam goes off on Goth/Wicca culture.

Adam puts caller James on hold for his terrible attitude and then takes his call 20 minutes later.

Drew " you can not sit up"

Adam "..put on you gravity boots and hang from the door jam.."

Drew discusses the need for a new courting ritual for todays youth.

Will "..I just won the lottery but it's all in hundreds"

Will recounts telling a 5 yr old about the world war 1 rule regarding lighting matches at the kids birthday party.

Adam questions why successful married couples always seem to have miscarriages and why the worst low life's on the planet never seem to have fertility problems.

Adam compares children to politicians in how they argue.

Anderson is about 45 seconds late with "are you a mormon" drop for a SLC caller.

Adam mentions his idea he pitched on the stern show during the DC sniper killing spree.

Adam "..this is good pragmatic atheism here.."

Adam brings up Amy Poehler and SNL, he mentions the last episode featuring Ben Affleck.

Adam and Drew discuss playing poker with Ben in a celebrity tournament recently.

Will inquires to how they did at hold 'em, which leads to Drew mentioning how much he enjoyed it and Adam ranting about how angry he gets at the asshole's who get too into it.

Drew lost to the woman who played Nanny on Nanny and the Professor.

Will mentions how inherently depressing gambling is, which segues Adam into mention what losers chronic gamblers are.

The gamblers hall of fame is mocked for the rest of the show.

Will mention that him, Jason and the rest of the cast are about to fly to Vegas and film Bravo's Celebrity poker showdown and how he immediately wants to go all in.

Adam and Will go off on how Poker is supposed to be a social thing and not a situation where you sit in a tense room full of strangers.

Adam encourages Adult's to shut up about their obsessive interests, Drew then mocks him for flying model airplanes.

Alexis has a great call regarding abortion.

More gambling discussion, Atlantic City is brought up by Will and the UNLV gambling lab is brought up by Drew.

Sandonita(sp) tote bags are made fun of once again, Adam then goes off on tote bags and how he had to use a "pillow sack" and foil for his blanket when staying at a friends house as a child.

Anderson plays the Rapist Drop.

Will "..who was that" (possibly making fun of himself for not remembering earlier in the show.)

Micheal is immediately labeled a bogus caller.

Adam "..who would blow Micheal?

Will mentions the book "Under the Banner Of Heaven" the Jon Krakauer book on Mormonism.

Adam "Speaking of Crack hour, it's getting to be that time soon...Crack hour for me is 12:30....oh yeah old lady starts heating up the pipe about 12:15.."

Great Calls!

Comments (12)

  1. nintendosteve

    Any episode with Will Arnett is great! Lots of good stories and it really feels like Will Arnett is a regular on the show, he’s ‘Not more than you need, just more than you’re used to.’

  2. simsimdabear

    adam’s drag racing routine never gets old

    shirley cha cha maldowny wants that trophy but big daddy don garlands got other ideas!

    the texan bobby mcCuen TV tommy and the shytown hustler will be there!

    Sunday is fox night, foxs get in free!
    English leather girls are signing calenders
    Poppa Do run run will be playing in the infield!

    Ascot Raceway where the 110 and the 405 EXPLODE!

  3. Landlubber

    Funny to listen to this show in 2012 and hear Will joke about how Arrested Development is praised by critics but has shitty ratings.

    We all know the show lasted three seasons and got cancelled. Now, eight years after this episode, Arrested Development has been revived and is currently filming brand new episodes.

    Best show ever made. Ever. If you didn’t watch it, go out and buy the DVDs as a primer for the new episodes.

  4. mjg134

    Nitro methane, Drop it on the ground, stomp on it, drop a match on it, virtually nothing, But put it inside a 15 to 1 compression hemi big block mo-par engine, LIQUID DYNAMITE!!!!.

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