Monday, October 27th, 2003

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Adam says the heat is driving him bizerk. The inside of his house was 85 degrees. His car was 78 degrees in at nighttime. Adam asks several callers across the country how hot it is where they live and is disgusted when they say 45 or 50 degrees.

Adam lost his ID card and wants a car with a seat gutter because it's hard to get stuff if it falls.

Adam predicts a girls 19 year old welder boyfriend is works for his dad. She says that they're right and she isn't impressed at all.

Adam explains how Germany or Florida got started. Adam yells at Drew and calls him an idiot for trying to will himself into the right answer.

Adam describes what an Asian nerd looks like.

A caller says he actually replaced the batteries in his chirping smoke detector before he called in. He said all the strippers at a strip club were offering him a (lap) dance. Drew didn't understand what this meant so Adam has to explain it to him. Adam says he wants there to be a $15 bill for lap dances and tips for towncar drivers.

Adam wants to know what ever happened to the lady that opens the shutters on her window and gets scared when she sees a Superhero fly by.

Drew says he loves Crank Yankers. Adam recounts on all the trouble he had to go through when flying to NY to shoot the Dawsons Creek show. Adam chose to take a later flight that was the absolute last one available. The LA marathon was going on an his driver couldn't make it to his house on time. This causes Adam to yell at people for walking the marathon and closing down the city for the afternoon. Adam ended up driving himself with Lynette yelling at him for driving like a mad man the whole time.

There is a second Germany or Florida.

There's a sort of bizarre call about a guy who sneezes twice if he thinks about sex before trying to go to bed.

Caller Michelle drops the "F" bomb when talking about yelling at her boyfriend for trying to wake her up. She starts smoking weed while on the phone. They asks her what all the noise she's making is and she says "nuthin."

The next caller almost drops a couple bombs and the second one sort of gets trough.

A veteran who recently got back from Iraq talks about the temperature being 142 degrees one day.

Adam declares February the holy month of jacking off.

A caller talks about his child bed wetting problem. Adam talks about his plan to prevent bed wetting. This involves use an egg timer to wake you up during the night to go to the bathroom.

Adam uses the word umbrage and Drew has to look it up in the dictionary.

Adam says all the writers at Jimmy Kimmel Live are nerds with their Fantasy Football. One of them got pissed at his partner and yelled "When are you going to wake up to the fact that you have a fantasy football team."

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  1. Landlubber

    A girl named Tiffany calls in at the beginning of the show with a question about her boyfriend who won’t sleep with her because he “wants to make it special.” The guys ask where they met and she says a bowling alley.

    Adam: “What’s your average?”

    Tiffany: “My what? My average?”

    Adam: “Yeah.”

    Tiffany: “What do you mean?”

    Adam: “I knew she wouldn’t know what that meant even though she met him at a bowling alley.”

    The call goes on but Adam has to come back to it. He asks if she knows what an average is and she says “I guess my score?” He says why she couldn’t just say she doesn’t bowl when he asked that instead of just pretending not to know what it meant.

    Drew: “Why won’t he have sex with you?”

    Tiffany: “He says he wants to make it special, and I try to make the situation special.”

    Adam: “Sure, league night.”

    The guys say he’s a 19-year-old guy, getting it on in an alley on an old mattress would be special. She says he’s had sex before and isn’t exactly choosy.

    Tiffany: “He’s thrown down in the middle of school before.”

    Adam: “He’s thrown down. See I can extrapolate, he’s had sex during school before. I can tell from the context.”

    haha. He is so distracted by her not understanding his bowling pun that he can’t get through the call without mocking her about it.

    Later a guy calls who says he called a month or so before. He just got back from Iraq recently and he has PTSD. He says Adam was a real asshole to him and he’s thankful for it because it made him quit drinking, which was getting out of control for him. This gets them chatting about the heat in Los Angeles versus the heat in Iraq. He says the highest he experienced was 142 degrees. Adam says this is why those people are so angry over there. Look how pissed he is and it’s only in the 90’s.

    Adam: “They got the holy month of Ramadan coming up. By the way, you religious nut-tards over there need an entire month? Isn’t your whole life just about facing Mecca and squatting down on your knees? You really gotta set a whole month aside? It’s like ‘hey Drew? I declare February official jack off month. That’s where I really beat off. That’s when I really double down on the jacking.’ You guys really don’t get enough religion over there? You got a guy blowing a conch everyday at 5am telling you to bend to Allah, you need more? And the fasting oughtta put them in a real good mood too.”

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