Thursday, June 19th, 2003

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. inFRUITthe

    Christ – I love it when they are totally self-serving and play old songs/sing the entire time. Producer Ann even calls Anderson and tells them not to do this. I appreciate music from these genres – as Drew/Adam say: the lyrics are about the important things – cars, gambling and witchy women! GOT TO GET IT ON!

    A lot of Anderson bashing – he is sooooooooooo edgy!

  2. funwithguitars8

    Drew: “or a joule..”
    Adam: “what’s a joule?”
    Drew: “a joule is a unit of energy”
    Adam: “joule?”
    Drew: “yeah, joule…kilajoule…”
    Adam: “ok quiet down now, no one’s interested in your craziness”

  3. knucklhd

    Pretty awesome. You get the weirdo country dude who says “on there”, stripclub announcer guy, blood sweat and tears, turbulence, if only they had the football coach it would be 100 (might be just pre-football coach, in which case it’s hard to deny them their 100). That helmet…not a chair

  4. Landlubber

    Excellent stripper DJ session by Adam in this episode.

    *Anderson drops the Girls, Girls Girls*

    Stripper DJ: “heyyy slalalblalabslalalbasla Candy stage 5, Candy stage 5, slabalalsalalbal welcome to the staaaaaaage Cinnamon she’s got those sticky buns she’s all the way straight outta heaven, by way of Menomonie, Wisconsin, business man’s lunch 3-5 o’clock everydayyyy bottomless buckets of chicken wings buddy and a leaning tower of Pepsi slabalaslalababalalasal.”

  5. BMacC

    In the thank yous at end of show: “Where’s Lauren? What’d Tori Amos make a solid B.M. and she’s fishing it out of the toilet w/ a net to have it bronzed?…?”

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