Monday, December 9th, 2002

Guest: Kelly Osbourne

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. rogafufuken

    Adam says girls are stupid because they don’t know anything about WW2. Kelly says she’s studying WW2 in school. Adam asks Kelly who the Allied and Axis Powers were. She doesn’t know…

  2. fevre

    True to her album titled “Shut Up,” Kelly interrupts callers and hosts as frequently as any LL guest. It’s hard to tell if her outspoken behavior is for the MTV camera crew – and producer – who accompanied her appearance.

  3. Canada

    I’ll probably go back and listen to the second half of the show, but the constant interruptions by Kelly were extremely hard to tolerate. Had to skip ahead to the next episode.

  4. knucklhd

    It’s the Kelly Osbourne show with Drew and Adam! Pretty funny when she claims to not only know about WWII, but also be currently studying it…and then can’t name the good guys and bad guys. Guess they didn’t get to that part yet. Others are right though, interruptions are too much to sit all the way through.

  5. LBND

    WOW I don’t think I’ve ever heard a guest interrupt as much as Kelly. She is WAY up on her high horse. She acts like she knows it all but shes only 18 at this point in time…

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