Thursday, October 10th, 2002

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. Asiamies

    Great Great show!!!!
    Tera don’t call me Tara is Drunk!!
    Adam reveals that he has a “Iron Mouth” and could “Blow Guys all day”.

    Around 30min in there is a call from the least eloquent caller in Loveline History, she is retarded.

    Caller Chris and his story is hilarious.

    Adam rants about the X-Show and Lovephones, “What about Lovephones” “What about the X-Show”
    Edit: This show is a must listen!!!

    This is the source of the male caller who called in and said “i think you guys are pigs and you suck and you need to get off the air” that Anderson would use as a drop.

    Dr.Drew says “Minty Fresh Cooch” it’s hilarious!!!

    Adam reveals that he owns expensive welding equipment but doesn’t know how to weld.
    Drew “You don’t know how to use it?”
    Adam:”I could figure it out”

    Adam: “I think glass bottom boat, I think crap”
    Adam: “What is that, like when a shark watches you take a crap?”
    Classic Show!!!!!

  2. pastahero

    Lance: the description below is from the 2002-10-09 show. Here are my notes for 2002-10-10:

    Cyber Adam takes a call seamlessly. Caller with cheating wife becomes an amateur detective; Adam calls him “half gum-shoe, half gum-brain.” A nutty female caller is “intrigued” by a guy she sees around town, until she actually talks to him; this leads Adam & Drew to recommend that guys never talk. Adam’s “M-80 up the cat’s ass” bit (a pre-cursor to “waffle-crapper”). A female caller’s sex buddy has a “no kissy, all BJ” policy.

  3. SirJag

    this is a great show. a must listen for sure.
    its hot in the studio and adam complains about the studio
    adam tells his story of having to clean up all his packing peanuts from his street and having to deal with his neighbor (the old yenta)
    23yo guy married his 28yo boss when he was 17. and now she doesnt want to give him bj’s (which he really needs) and is starting to cheat on her.
    near the end they take a call from 14yo kevin who is asleep and is snoring.
    then jimmy kimmel calls in after drew calls him obese.
    adam trys some subliminal messages on kevin.

  4. Landlubber

    Around 40 minutes in, a 20-year-old girl named Liz calls in.

    Liz: Yeah I was wondering, I was told that when you’re having anal sex with a woman, when a guy is, right when she’s climaxing you knock her unconscious so all of her body muscles relax, and then the guy pulls out and it pulls out part of the intestine with it and it looks like a pink sock rolled up. Is that even possible?”

    Drew: “I’ve been wondering what the youth of America has spent their time thinking about these days.”

    Adam: *mockingly asks Drew* “Let’s say you get knocked unconscious, does that mean your bowels come out of your rectum?”

    Drew: “Is that what happens when you go to sleep?”

    Adam: “You know it’s a full time job keeping your bowels in.”

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    John, M, 19

    Talks about Adam's idea to pre-tape answers to questions so Adam and Drew can stay at home


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    Mike, M, 24

    Girlfriend has an itchy vagina and "some type of fluid down there". Adam answers in drops


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