Thursday, August 8th, 2002

Guest: Culver City Police Department

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. Bonzaii

    The Culver City Police Department is there for maybe 10 minutes (but not at the beginning of the show) to perform sobriety tests on Adam. Funny. Very good show.

  2. T3TRiS

    This is one of my favourite moments of the show (not really saying much but anyway). You just gotta love Adam and Jimmy’s relationship, it’s like they’re still 16.

  3. lordoftheview

    I like how even high, Adam knows great radio, and gets the cops to explain the tests.

    This show also contains Chief Thunderbear. Later, some chick calls to correct Dr. Drew on a different caller. She is super argumentative and is convinced she is right and Drew is a fool. When Drew explains something to her, she rushes to “I have another question”. Clearly she wasn’t listening.

    There’s also a mason jar call towards the end.

  4. Landlubber

    I seriously wish they would’ve banned the “I’m a girl and I’ve never had an orgasm” call after the 34,000th one.

    The vast majority of these girls–even the ones who legitimately have this problem– are obviously just trying to get on the radio and already know the answer.

    They always ask “um, is it normal? Cuz I listen to you guys all the time and I always hear people calling in with this. And I heard that the bathtub works.” Well if you listen to the show and have heard this over and over again, then why are you calling to ask if it’s normal. Adam and Drew tell every single girl who calls that this is a totally normal thing.

    I know that a lot of things get rehashed over and over again on this show, but usually every scenario is slightly different enough to keep you engaged. But every single one of these orgasm calls are exactly the same thing every time. The guys must want to rip their hair out having to answer that question every night for over a decade.

  5. pastahero

    @Landlubber, I remember on some guy was keeping track of that sort of call and 2003 was especially bad. I really wish they just had the phone screeners answer that question and hang up.

  6. jjo29

    City Police comes into studio….Cue Adam rants on Flying through Left turn arrows, Drinking Buzzed (for those that can handle it), and Chicken Shit tickets

    Some excellent ranting
    F the police

  7. icecold037

    Does anybody know the name of that violin song that is played in the first minute of the show?? Seriously when Adam started talking about the luxury of the 767 and they started playing that in the backround LMAO… I knew it was gonna be a good show!

  8. pastahero

    There’s a weird moment at the end of the show. Caller Gary is 25, bisexual and attracted to 12- and 13-year-old boys, although he has intention of acting on it. Normally Adam and Drew would get very stern and condemnatory, and yet…because Gary sounds very likable and normal, they don’t. In fact they sort of rationalize his thing for younger boys. Because Gary says he won’t act on it–and he sounds believable–their attitude is almost “Hey, it takes all kinds.”

  9. BMacC

    Fuckin’ cops, at least the officer dispelled some valuable information about roadside protocol…we have pot-brownies as far as the eye-can-see in Colorado.

    “A, B, C, D” drop is at 0:21:45.

  10. Ironblood

    Adam comes to the studio drunk and high and gets a visit from the local police wanting to run a sobriety test on him in the studio. Interesting to listen to for anyone whose ever had to do one of these. Also plenty of dumbass callers all night.

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