Wednesday, July 24th, 2002

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. SirJag

    starts out with adam talking about a ‘novelty sized’ rat in his basement that he had to deal with. adam says it was worse than when drew had the bobcat outside his home. the issue resurfaces many times throughout the night.

    couple girls call in saying they were molested and this prompts adam to talk about the difference between pedophiles and regular criminals.

    one of the last callers is a guy who lost 23 bucks from the cash register at taco bell and doesnt know what to do. adam and drew dont know what to tell him. adam procedes to then talk about not getting hired at taco bell and various other taco bell related subjects.

  2. lordoftheview

    The first few girls are really ditsy. Like you can tell they are hot, but stupid.

    Can anyone isolate the rant about pedophiles not being regular criminals and post it to YouTube? I would love to share that rant on Facebook. Also, towards the end of the rant, Drew says the F word, but it gets cut.

    Towards the end they play “veal/venison”.

  3. Landlubber

    Adam opens the show talking about trying to deal with an enormous rat that was making a bunch of noise in his basement at 1:00am while he was drunk and in his underwear. The guys discuss the many ways he could deal with it which included: getting a cat and letting it loose in the basement, chasing it down with a sprinkler key or a mop, shooting it with a pellet gun, or poisoning it. Adam figured he’d use the poison and let it die a dignified death in his basement while he went upstairs to finish watching TiVo, drinking red wine, and masturbating. Then he’d go down in the morning to collect the corpse and give it a proper burial at sea.

    A girl calls in who decided to let her boyfriend do her up the butt in the shower. He put it in, she got nauseous and passed out right there in the shower. Drew explains that it’s called a vasovagal reaction, which is an irritation of the vagas nerve leading to fainting.

    Adam: In the old days this is what would’ve happened when your mom saw Donnie Osmond at the airport, this is what would’ve happened to her. Unfortunately we’ve come to a time in society where her daughter has to get it in the ass in the shower to elicit the same reaction.”

  4. Landlubber

    A kid who works at Taco Bell calls in and Adam says he got turned down for a job there when he was younger. The title of his second book is “Not Taco Bell Material” and inspired by this event.

    For how much Adam repeats his stories, I’m surprised I’ve never heard him talk about the Taco Bell job until he came out with the book, and now on this episode.

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