Tuesday, June 11th, 2002

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

No Guest Must Listen!!!

The Tooth Drama continues, Adam discusses being high off the pills given to him by the dentist and the disturbing experience of examining the surgery site after splitting open the wound(ewww!)

Adam has crazy gas throughout the show and he makes Drew go nuts, according to Drew it smells like a pharmacy.

Adam is mystified by the smell he is omitting.

Lot's of chiming in by Anderson in this episode he is very chatty, I wonder what he was on.

A great call regarding rape.

Adam discusses what kind of bedroom door modification he would have to do if he was ever raped in his sleep.

Anderson "...They were just having a dream about falling on a piece of pipe or something"

Adam "For me it would be a chapstick actually"

Adam " Hi I'm Connie I've never been raped let me tell you how"

Adam claims he sleeps in panties.

A fake sleeper attempts to pull off a Mason Jar call.

A young girl makes a bogus call regarding despicable behavior from her father but Adam answers the call with loud mumbling and she asks him to stop but that only makes it worse(hilarious).

Adam "yeah baby get that rake, yeah touch that"

Comments (12)

  1. Catchr

    uncle penny hit the great points, but my favorite caller is the 15 year old girl with a thong. she wasn’t particularly screwed up but she is sassy and adams plays along quite well. for some reason when she announced her mothers clothing company i cracked up.

    the whole ep has the classic loveline vibe, and is one of the eps that epitomize the show for me.

  2. L

    The guys were so wrong. I really don’t think that pedophile dad call was fake at all. They’re also wrong with their “girls don’t prank call” belief…guys might do it more on their show, but I know tons of chicks, including myself, who’ve made a handful of good prank calls in their lives. The other thing that bugged me about this episode was the guys’ insistence that there must have been something wrong with/in the past of the girl who woke to being raped. I also know a few girls to whom this happened…in fact, I know a bunch of deep sleepers, men and women, who can be endlessly manipulated and fucked with in their sleep. It’s not right to suggest that a girl who had the misfortune of being raped in that way was any different than any other rape victim (or even culpable).
    Other than those show notes, great no guest show as always!!! I prefer no-guesters! 🙂
    And the unintelligible gibberish-yelling (one of my personal favorites, plus the Native nonsense words) was better than even in this show! Worth a listen just for that!

  3. Landlubber

    Adam talks about how he used to teach comedy traffic school. Yes, this is traffic school for people who get a bunch of tickets or DUI’s, but with comedy mixed in. He’s talked about this many times, but I never really though about exactly how weird it really is. Comedy traffic school? It sounds like a bad straight-to-VHS (not even DVD) movie. The tagline of the school was “Lettuce amuse you.” Wow.

    He says in order to teach the class he had to go and moniter 3 classes to see how it’s done. He didn’t get paid for these visits. Then they give you the speech about how to be funny.

    Adam: “They’re all so lucky I didn’t know then that I’d literally be a millionaire or I woulda stood up every 30 seconds to yell kiss my ass.”

    Instructor: “These people are paying an extra $14 to be in a comedy traffic school, and they expect PROFESSIONAL comedians. So the first thing you need to do at the top of every class is sell your credentials. And if you gotta pad it a little, pad it a little. Talk about the cruise ship gigs you’ve done. If you do a five-minute open mic at the Ice House, just tell em ‘I was booked at the Ice House.'”

    Adam: “I’m thinking to myself, I don’t mind telling them I’m a comedian, but how much of the successful comedian thing are they gonna buy when we’re at a YMCA in Downey, and it’s Sunday at 8:43 in the goddamn morning.”

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