Thursday, April 18th, 2002

Guest: Wilmer Valderrama

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

From the TV show That '70s Show

The show starts off with Drew sitting Adam's seat. This is because Adam walked in just before the show started.

Adam declares that all women are beautiful except some are ugly.

Drew says he wants his kids to slam heroin. Also he says you can overdose on water.

Drew asks Adam if he's high and gets a reply of "How dare you?!!" He then headbutts the mic and gets yelled at by Adam.

A caller suggests bringing back Dr. Drew's fantasy answers.

After Adam bashes truckers, a woman trucker calls in and starts to yell at Drew but then realizes it was Adam that called them losers. Adam admits he was stereotyping and it's not always fair to judge truckers. She then tells him she is a redneck and makes 30 grand a year.

Adam, Drew, Wilmer and Anderson explain what Viewmasters were and how pointless and stupid they were. Later on in the show, a caller says Viewfinders are currently being used to sell drinks in restaurants.

A woman who works at a truck stop calls in. Adam asks what they sell the most of expecting to hear about sandwich makers that plug into the cigarette lighter of the truck. She says they sell magnets and tourism items. Adam then specifies he wants to know what truckers buy. She replies by telling him they buy oil. She eventually mentions they sell TV's that plug into cigarette lighters.

The spelling of Wilmer's character FEZ on That 70's Show is explained. It stands for foreign exchange student but has a "Z" instead of an "S" because his character has a lisp.

Adam tells a great story about when he was 19 or 20 and had a bunch of unpaid tickets and had a warrant out for him on his motorcycle. He was working at his bad job at Hoffman Travel. Adam talked to his mom, hoping to get money to pay off the tickets. Instead she gives him an alternate route to Hoffman Travel along some side streets to avoid police. The next day he takes that suggested route and is pulled over by a cop. He was thrown in jail but was bailed out by his buddies and then lost his job, all thanks to his mom's advice.

The last caller is a real pain and gets the who cares drop three times.

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  1. oysticle

    Not an awful show. Adam is very jokey. Wilmer doesn’t contribute much after they find out his origins. The lady truck driver calling in to defend truck driver stereotypes is kind of funny because she’s the typical stereotypical truck driver. Decent show, nothing special though.

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