Monday, March 25th, 2002

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. Andrew

    14min– Caller moved to Jordan with husband but then left and her son is in Jordan and she can’t decide whether to go back to Jordan. Adam asks about justice if she were murdered and she says women there say “Well, I’m just a woman what can I do?” and that if there is justification for killing women then it’s okay, and Adam says Jordan might be more “guy-friendly” because of the lack of angry lesbian.

    Adam says Allah is going to be mad at her for not wanting to be Muslim.

    Interesting call.

    Middle East = Worst Taste according to Adam.

  2. Andrew

    47:10 Origin of the “No Cannot Have!” System of a Down song Adam sings because of his experience with Lebanese food? The sogn is called “No You Cannot Have That”.

    I don’t think this is the one that gets dropped, but I think this is the first time Adam tries this!

  3. empireofrain

    Great show with interesting calls, but Adams seems a bit tired and the ending is lacking that special punch that some of the best shows have. However, still one of the better shows out there.

  4. Landlubber

    Yeah Adam really phones in the end of the show. Instead of a conventional lightning round with “crazy radio DJ guy” he just spews gibberish the entire time. Drew just gets out of the way and turns into the skid.

  5. CZRob

    “Can I have half chicken, half lamb?” NO CANNOT HAVE! “Ok I see you have a $10 minimum for cards and my dish is $6.95, so just charge me $10 for it.” NO CANNOT DO! “No, listen I’m saying just charge my card $10 for my meal that costs less. You’ll be getting the deal.” NO CANNOT DO!

    Great culture. Great people.

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    Pat, M, 19

    Cure for blue balls besides beating off. Looks at beating off as a hassle, Adam angry



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    Jen, F, 16

    A friend of a friend takes LSD but still gets good grades. Writes papers while high Wants to know how.

    acid/LSD addiction


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