Wednesday, November 21st, 2001 - #1604

Guest: David Alan Grier

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

"Bipolar my Buttcheeks"

Thanksgiving show- Turkey song, cranberry sauce recipe and bitching, etc.

Origin of "Fruit in the Middle"

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  1. Orangeplanet

    Good show. Second call of the night is Savannah, 15. She is calling in because she has stretch marks on her breasts. In typical Loveline fashion, Adam and Drew dig a bit and discover that she has been dating a 25 year for two years, that her mother approves of this relationship, and at 15 she is already in NA. Adam closes out this call with a funny safety tip for Savannah’s mom. “A hibachi is not a suitable form of radiant heat. It will fill up a small trailer with smoke in a matter of minutes and you will pass out and wake up dead, or with stretch marks.”

    Later they take two calls at one. One girl has a recipe she wants to give out while the other is calling about vaginal discharge.

  2. Helix

    What the hell is with Kellybix? Must be a troll, to rip on one of the most lovedand most prolific guests in the history of Loveline. As Adam would say, “How dare you? H.. H.. How DARE YOU?”

  3. KellyBix87

    No, I am not a troll. I just find DAG extremely annoying and not very talented at all. Just because he is prolific does not make him a good guest. Even on the Adam Carolla podcasts, I immediately skip any episode with DAG.

  4. Landlubber

    Kellybix, I’ve pinpointed my dislike of DAG, and it’s really just because he screws with the normal flow of Adam/Drew/idiot callers. Too much schtick, always angling to be the center of attention to the point where he steps on everyone else to interject with what usually ends up being an unfunny joke shouted into the mic in some random accent. It’s all subjective and we seem to be in the minority opinion on this one.

  5. mparker1904

    I found DAG annoying at first because he has too much energy and his shows are different than the others. One day I gave him a shot and started with his first episode and listened to every appearance in order. I think his shows are the best now. I think some people that may listen all the time need to get used to him because his shows are a little different.

  6. Mikejeffrieson

    when I first heard DAG, I didn’t even finish the episode…I found him annoying and unfunny

    I’ve grown to enjoy him to a certain degree but it’s kind of exhausting to listen to him because he’s always yelling and trying to be the center of attention

    I prefer the shows with no guest or the guests that don’t have much to say…Adam and Drew are a perfect team and I don’t see a reason to f with perfection

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    Melanie, F, 18

    Oral sex question. In the middle her question, David lets out a huge burp that disgusts Drew.

    oral sex


  • call



    Savannah, F, 15

    Has stretch marks on her breasts.

    addiction age difference parenting/issues with children rehab treatment


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