Tuesday, October 23rd, 2001 - #1583

Guest: Clive Barker

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

Promoting his book Coldheart Canyon

Clive joins Adam and Drew at the museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles, Clive is promoting his novel "Coldheart Canyon" his 21st book.

This is a very funny show!!

Adam claims he is on "some stuff" and Drew asks if he means Vicodin, Adam explains he is having more trouble with his root canal and he is very high.

Drew examines his pupils and informs him they are pinned so he must be really high.

Adam Drew and Clive discuss old time Hollywood, and the behavior of celebrities of that time (Douglas Fairbanks, Errol Flynn, Mary Pickford).

Adam discusses interviewing Todd MacFaralne about his purchase of the Mark Mcgwire home run record ball.

Drew claims he was so affected by the figures Clive brought with him last time that he had bad dreams for weeks.

Clive reveals all 190,00 figures sold out in two weeks after his last appearance.

Drew reveals to Clive that Adam used to crap in a decorative popcorn tin, Adam then quickly explains why he was forced too.

Great callers, Clive discusses his view of the tragedy on 9/11 and discusses his intent to become a U.S. citizen.

Clive discusses his opinions on the films Jeepers Creepers, From Hell, The Others.

Clive reveals he is a huge fan of the movie "Dumb and Dumber", Clive claims "The Shining" is overrated and then comments "Kubrick's dead it doesn't matter" which really seemed to piss off Engineer Anderson(he's a Kubrick fanatic).

Adam reveals how he first saw Drew's Penis, Adam reveals Drew has a "passionate passionate penis".

There are about 5 calls from fans regarding various Clive Barker projects, He reveals his intentions to follow up on his book "Cabal" and further explore the characters from "Nightbreed" as well as the death of Pinhead.

Drew and Clive discuss how much writing they must do per day in order to write a book.

Adam threatens to crap in Clive's basement to which Clive replies he has plenty of popcorn tins for him.

Adam makes an example of the range in his life, he was on the phone with a guy in Minnesota who makes steel fabricated tool sheds when he got a phone call from Robert Downey Jr..

Dr. Drew discusses being pulled over after last night's show, he was talking to Adam on his cell while driving home but he didn't want to lose the signal so he drove really fast (90mph) around a canyon road.

Adam" In? I'm in your ass, come on how dare you, I'm finished"

Adam "no I was going to say did your boyfriend give you a lollipop for being such a brave soldier?"

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  1. mydadinisrael

    and by “Adam discusses interviewing Todd MacFaralne about his purchase of the Mark Mcgwire home run record ball” we mean, Adam nearly loses it trying to remember Mickey Mantle’s rival for the home run record in 61 (a caller later reminds him it was Roger Maris). Adam is SO HIGH in this show and it makes it my VERY FAVOURITE EPISODE EVER. Plus Clive Barker, who’s a great guest.

    Drew: Look at his eyes!
    Clive: oh, oh!
    Adam: What, are they big?
    Drew: no, no…
    Clive: they’re like tiny dots
    Drew: they’re pinned, this is a dark room, they should be blown!
    Adam: [explaining about being on stuff]
    Adam: now I’m not tracking right but I think Drew said I should be blown. So I’m not sure who’s doing that, you or Drew

  2. OscarMilde

    Funny episode and Clive is a good guest as usual. But he says The Shining is “mediocre” and “over-rated.” In past appearances on Loveline, he’s also mentioned that he thinks film is an inferior medium to the written word, though, so go figure. Kind of funny to hear someone who makes the kind of junk he makes to talk down about one of the greatest directors to ever live. The Shining is a masterpiece that surpasses anything Barker ever created.

  3. MoreAnimalThanMan

    Does ANYONE have a better quality(possibly Stereo…) version of this episode? Every version I can find on Youtube or up for download is this exact copy, which Adams voice is quite distorted in. Went to check the challenger.phil21.net archives but discovered they are no longer there. This may be the highest I have ever heard Adam, and I NEED a better recording. <3

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