Thursday, October 18th, 2001 - #1580

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. Si

    This is a great episode! This episode contains a call to Jimmy and the call where the drop “you guys seem like teenagers…” comes from. There is also a great deal of Anthrax talk.

  2. Landlubber

    A girl calls in and asks if there are any alternatives to latex condoms. Anderson drops in a sheep braying and Drew says “yeah, animal skin.”

    The caller says besides animal skin. Drew asks what her aversion to animal skin condoms is about.

    Adam: “She’s a vag-atarian.”

    This does not elicit enough of a response for Adam’s liking and he says that Jimmy would’ve laughed at that joke.

    Later Jimmy calls in, Adam repeats the joke and gets a big laugh out of Jimmy.

  3. knucklhd

    well…and I can’t believe I know this or am writing this…but, technically, donkeys bray. Sheep bleat.

    And before you take me task Landlubber, I suggest you take a look back at your catalogue, which I celebrate.

    Oh yeah, good show, too.

  4. shalywell

    jimmy reminds adam of his other joke about offering jack-tine (play on word bactine) to an injured juggies knee.
    i think this is a very good joke as well as the vag-etarian one.
    its ridiculous the staff hadnt laughed. probably just tired. love how quick they got jimmy on line and how real his laugh response was. good times

  5. rlfstr


    Adam: “Get your grades up and move far, far away from Bakersfield, do you understand?”
    Caller: “Faaar away, I’m moving to Oregon…”

    Weird ass caller, cracked up at the randomness of that answer.

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    Jo, F, 16

    Origin of the "You guys seem like teenagers but your voices are like old". Want's to know if Drew is a doctor. Also tells a joke.

    comment for host


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