Thursday, October 11th, 2001 - #1575

Guest: Angelica Bridges

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

This is a 16kbit recording however it sounds exceptional for such a super compressed garbage bitrate.

For whatever reason the HQ archivers were all off there game that night and we are lucky to even have this recording.

It has a slight tin can effect but it's not bad at all.

The episode also jump cuts ahead about 2-3 seconds several times throughout out the show, it does not affect the show significantly and does not affect the stories or comedy at all, there are also commercials so fast forward or listen to them and laugh your ass off(it all depends on your sense of humor)

This is Angelica's only appearance on Loveline the radio show, I believe she did the TV show.

There is a mislabeled recording out there from '97 or '98 that says Angelica bridges but it's actually some lady from England, and Adam and Drew tease an upcoming guest sometime in '02-'03 as the woman who does the lambchop impression but that guest is actually Angie Everheart a completely different person.

Adam starts the show by commenting on seeing Angie on the playboy channel, non nude.

Adam then goes on a jag about older women doing playboy and how some shouldn't have waited so long.

Angelica explains her hesitation in doing playboy and why she didn't do it while she was on baywatch, she mentions the name of the famous photographer who shot her layout and Adam goes off on a riff as the photographer(hilarious!)

This episode contains both the classic Nude Sunbathing Story and The classic Estie Chiladanko story.

Both tellings are the most detail rich and compelling versions ever recorded, Adam makes himself look very creepy in both stories.

With the Estie story there are a lot more scandalous reveals as opposed to the ACS version (Adam and Chris looking for panties to sniff at Estie's house)

Angelica now owns the house that Estie's parents owned during this famous Adam story(the Great Magnet strikes again) by some unbelievable coincidence Angelica now lives in the very same house Adam almost burnt down 20 or so years prior.

When Adam tells the story Angelica confirms the layout of the house.

Angelica does her Lambchop impression quite a bit it's great.

Adam tells the nude sunbathing story late in the show but the telling is exceptional and it would not be told again until almost 8 years later when I had asked Adam to tell it on the ACS(also a very good telling).

The telling for this story is nearly identical for both versions but this is a nice alternative if you don't want background music during the story and if you don't want to hear me after he tells the story ( I love both versions ).

Adam is on fire this episode.

Angelica reveal that her mother told her she was a mistake, "a birth control baby"

Adam "..what a sweet, sweet woman..."

A caller requests Adam's famous "How Dare You!", Adam gives a half dozen examples and Anderson plays a classic where Adam claims he sounds like he is crying.

A great bedwetting call from Hollie who wants to discuss her boyfriends buddies problem, Adam calls her a bitch.

Drew tells his famous College Roommate urinating on the record turntable story.

So fucking funny!!!

Adam then calls Hollie a "Colossal bitch"(awesome!) Adam then gives his famous bedwetting story and how his grandpa solved it.

They discuss Angelica's "Journey" , Adam is very funny.

Angelica reveals that she does a lot of cartoons and voice over work including animal noises, she does a perfect spider monkey that I just now realized is the one Anderson uses as a drop from time to time, I've heard this episode almost 2 dozen times and I just figured that out.

She does a Turkey noise and Anderson breaks out his version, Then she busts out the Lambchop.

Anderson is going heavy on the Shaggy drops (Matt Lillard saying Zoinks!)

Angelica discusses the commercials she does for KissFM.

Adam tells Angelica he will be beating off to her impression tonight.

Angelica as Lambchop "Okay"

Adam retells his experience opening the door in his bathrobe, the fedex guy showed up at noon and we was still in his robe and felt embarrassed.

Drew inquires as to why was sleeping so late, Adam was doing a favor for a friend of his by doing a radio press junket all morning.

Adam "..You know they wake you up and.. yeah your on with Frosty, Jackie and Bob, comin' atchyou ha blahb hey blab, Man Show, blaaaaghhhhhh blagh, Hey how about getting Frosty on one of those Trampolines, blaggggh, allalllagh"

Adam then riffs on how he wanted to try and explain himself to the fedex guy.

Adam goes of on Capri(Caprice, the model) after Adam plays some of her drops.

The Estie Story begins at about 48:50, Adam ".....I can describe that house, I can get in too!".

Drew references the Nude Sunbathing story mistakenly which requires Adam to tell it later in the show(way to go Drew!), Adam tells the story of How Estie became his first girlfriend before telling the other Estie story.

Angelica "'s scary the house that you've been in so many times"

The story about almost Burning Down Estie's house starts after the next break, at about the 1:00:00 mark.

A caller brings up Something Drew said about his dreams a few weeks ago, Drew was dreaming of losing his teeth and he explains the cause.

The Estie story is better than I remembered, Angelica keeps saying "oh, no. Oh, my god, uh oh, oh gosh" it's hilarious she is stunned by the story, Drew chimes in with some funny commentary.

Estie's Scary Israeli dad "Where's Estie's?

Adam "she's not hear"


This is a must listen, skip ahead in my review's and listen to this one now!!!!

Drew discusses a very uncomfortable conversation he had to have with his daughter earlier in the evening, his wife was watching keeping the faith and his daughter inquired about the scene with the moil and the circumcision.

Drew's as his Daughter Paulina "..did you do that to Douglas and Jordan?"

Adam as Drew "..Well not personally but I had a friend do it and he gave me a break..."

Drew mentions the previous nights shows ideas he and Adam had of what could be done with Adam's extra scrotum, Bongo Drums seems to be Drew's favorite.

Adam discusses the angry beating off men do when angry with women for turning down there advances, Adam asks Drew if he has ever Angrily beat off in front of a woman he was dating because she wouldn't have sex.

Drew discusses Celebrities "basking in each others narcissistic glow"(some things never change)

Adam goes off on pussy celebrities that have their publicists book dates with women for them, Angelica says someone has done that to her but won't reveal who.

She reveals she has a crush on Jeff Corwin because he is hilarious.

Adam "..oh that cheeseball, the guy with the retarded sense of humor...he doesn't have a good sense of humor, you just like that he talks to lizards"

Adam "Kennedy told me that Jenny McCarthy had one like that and then she said don't say anything, I think"

(while discussing long labia)

Angelica discusses the baywatch tv movie script and how it had to be changed due to 9/11.

Adam tells the Nude sunbathing story at 1:42:00.

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  1. unclepenny

    F*cking epic story, just found a decent quality copy of this show a few months ago after listening to the 16kbps garbage file for years, I think he may have covered it on an ACS or ACP with Giovanni a year or 2 or 3 ago, can’t remember though…… classic story though.

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