Wednesday, July 11th, 2001 - #1509

Guest: Clive Barker

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

Promoting Tortured Souls action figures, very dumb caller who secretly records having sex with his girlfriend with hidden cam

Clive barker promoting his MacFarlane toys line of figurines.

What's great about all of three of these shows is the back and forth between Clive and Adam, one moment Clive is laughing like a crazy person and the next he is extremely offended.

These are some of the best episodes ever recorded!

Adam and Drew marvel at the detail in the "Bizarre" figures Clive has brought with him.

Drew in particular is blown away and is very interested in the figure with "vagina dentate", Drew really seems interested in these "Bizarre" figures.

Adam "Drew why don't you give these to your kids with a gift certificate for therapy"

A moron caller named Jeff claims he is secretly filming his girlfriend with a camera behind a cd aimed through the center, Adam hates this guy.

Adam brings up Clive's crazy deceased Grandmother who told Clive a black man would try and steal his genitals.

Clive is amazed that Adam remembers that story and Adam comments that they had her as a guest last week.

Adam "Tough Booking!"

Clive "Bring a shovel"

Drew reveals he purchased the book Moby Dick based on Clive's recommendation and he also purchased Adam an audiobook copy.

Adam discusses his experience visiting a "dildo factory" and the immigrant women who worked there

Adam campaigns to be Clive and his Husband's Houseboy.

Comments (13)

  1. rlfstr

    Regarding Clive’s voice: “Barker said in a December 2008 online interview (published in March 2009) that he had polyps in his throat which were so severe that a doctor told him he was taking in ten percent of the air he was supposed to have been getting. He has had two surgeries to remove them and believes his resultant voice is an improvement over how it was prior to the surgeries. He said he did not have cancer and has given up cigars.”

  2. masonjar

    I disagree that the sound of Clive’s voice was distracting. Had I not read the comments before listening, it would not have occurred to me that there’s something going on.

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