Thursday, June 14th, 2001 - #1490

Guest: Patton Oswalt & Brian Posehn

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

4.53 (106 votes)

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Show Summary:

This show is a classic.

Great callers including a young woman who has sex with men she meets by signaling while driving and then pulling over somewhere. Lots of hilarity from this one call.

Extended discussion regarding stand up comedy and how Patton and Brian first got into comedy. Adam reveals why he never got past the open mic stage of stand up comedy. Adam discusses his experience performing at "Rooster T Feathers" and how we was so depressed after the show while driving home in a torrential rainstorm he almost killed himself. The rain was so bad it was knocking his windshield wipers off the windshield and he kept having to reach out and adjust them with his hands while driving a manual truck.

While he was driving home from San Francisco he seriously considered driving off a bridge.

Right as Adam says "Rooster T Feathers" both Patton and Brian let out a knowing "oh" and then relay their own horror stories about that club. Adam tells how his Grandmother knows the old bag who ran "Rooster T Feathers" got him booked to perform.

Drew asks "Was that the time there was recording on a tape machine about how bad you sucked?"

Adam "No, no it wasn't, but thanks for bringing that up."

Adam then explains how he went back to his girlfriends apartment and while she was checking her messages a recording of her sister talking to her friend began playing where the sister commented on how awful Adam's stand up was.

Both Pennywise incidents are discussed in light of their scheduled upcoming return to the show.

Comments (12)

  1. Harisn

    At around 15 min, a caller calls in and wants Adam to rant about something–they make fun of him–but it’s so funny that this later becomes one of Adam’s bits (What Can’t Adam Complain About?)

  2. offspring9

    Caller Steve with a heavy southern accent is talking about raising his stepkids from a young age:

    “I’ve pretty much raised them from the time they were… uh,”

    Adam: “Please say knee high to a boll weevil”

    Seems to go over everyone’s head but I loved it


  3. benz041

    I’m a little bummed that the phrase “I would eat a plate of total worms” (to meet Adam) didn’t gain any long-term traction. Caller Travis makes this proclamation around the 41:00 minute mark.

    Perfect guests and a great show.

  4. MoreAnimalThanMan

    Don’t listen to the comment below this by
    Mikejeffrieson, not sure why he’s biased against Patton and Brian but they are an excellent pair that feed into and off of Adam and even Drew at times, this is rated so high for a reason! Great guests, Patton/Brian episodes are all rated over 4.40, so that tells you all you need.

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    Joe, M, 23

    Is sexually active and masturbates but still has frequent wet dreams, doesn't understand why.


  • call



    Aaron, M, 15

    Caller asks that Adam rant on a commercial about starving children.


  • call



    Tarra, F, 18, Van Nuys

    Tarra wants to find out where her G-spot is-->nuckle depth, push forward above pubic bone


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    Travis, M, 17

    Bogus Call

    bogus call


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    Gloria, F, 30

    Gloria's 5 year old son had his "mouth on another boy's weenie", and Gloria is afraid of what this means.


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