Wednesday, December 13th, 2000 - #1359

Guest: Minka

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

"Number one Asian Big Boob Queen!"

"Don't Play Tennis no more!"

The famous appearance of Minka(some Busty Asian pornstar/stripper)

She is a horrible guest(barely speaks English) Ace saves the show by asking her questions about her life which result in the drops listed above.

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  1. brio50

    Awkwardly hilarious! So cool to hear the original recording, now the drop I’ve had ingrained into my loveline psyche finally has validation… Who is numba wonnn!?

  2. knucklhd

    I can see why the comments are hit or miss. I don’t usually like the shows where they don’t take any calls, which is a problem here.

    It’s definitely funny when Adam is just basically ripping her, and there is a novelty to the way she speaks, but it would have been better as segment than a whole show…it really runs out of steam pretty quick.

    The drops come from pretty much the choicest parts of this one. It’s kind of like when they put a couple funny bits in the trailer of a movie, then you go see it and realize the rest of the movie is a flaming turd, and you’ve already seen the good parts.

  3. Lateralus

    Minka is adorable. I wonder what she’s doing today?? She said she’s gonna keep her boobs like that or slightly smaller forever. Imagine running into her at a Walmart, both in her prime… And now

  4. rlfstr

    Minka’s novelty wears off pretty quickly in my opinion, but she’s pretty adorable at times. Kinda annoying how much attention she gets, they take calls very infrequently.

  5. searsino

    Let me assure everyone that Minka’s novelty does not wear off quickly… or at all really. If you have been a true Loveline listener as I have, you will find this episode hilarious for one key reason above all others: Adam is able to spend most of 120 minutes talking to a busty asian stripper demonstrating just how little he cares what the upper management wants.

    In past episodes, Adam discusses how he was told to talk less and take more calls. You even find out Anderson at one point was asked to stop using the drops.

    But ultimately, Adam talks when he wants and does mostly what he wants with little regard for those requests. After ignoring all of that, he has now brought the #1 Asian Big Boob Queen on the show and allowed it to consume all of the time. That in itself is absolutely hilarious.

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    Martha, F, 18

    Likes to dominate men and look the part; wants to change. Therapist not working out.


  • call



    Tanya, F, 15

    Tanya was forced to give a handjob to a guy in a park and didn't start screaming until after his orgasm. The guys are puzzled by this.

    other sexual activities rape/molestation


  • call



    Matt, M, 14

    Matt made up a problem so he could say hi to the guys. Shortest call ever?


  • call



    Louisa, F

    Sexually abused by cousin, wants to know when she'll be over past trauma, past drug/alcohol abuse.


  • call



    Paul, M

    Paul answers adam's question about the south korean flag. Adam, "We do have some smart listeners"


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    Doug, M, 28

    Doug (our friend the goat lover) is doing well and went on a successful date, but may have crabs now.



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