Sunday, May 7th, 2000 - #1201

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

"Leon the Jackass"

Caller Leon challenges Adam to a fight so Adam accepts and tells him to meet him after the show.

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  1. juggzica

    The dude that calls at 32:00 saying he is trying to quit smoking weed and that he called a few weeks ago “so stoned that he embarrassed himself” is a total D-BAG.

    Dr. Drew is all about calling people that smoke regularly “addicts” and that they need treatment but…who sucks dick for a fuckin dub sack of weed?

  2. ct

    Audio quality isn’t too great but I got used to it pretty quickly.

    Not sure, but possibly the origin of Adam’s cyanide capsule precaution idea? Seems as if Drew is hearing it for the first time anyway.

    Leon is a dbag and I so wish Adam could have put him in his place with a fierce body shot. Love the support Adam gets from the other callers though.

    During a call at around 1:12, Drew laughs the loudest I’ve ever heard (at least without him turning off/covering his mic).

    Earlier in the night, Adam declared that this would be another ho-hum night that they wouldn’t remember. Towards the end of the night though, Drew points out that his prediction was wrong and they will certainly remember this one.

    Lightning round to top it off.


  3. Landlubber

    Very early on, two callers in a row sound very bogus and the guys don’t call them on it. In later shows they don’t abide any shit, and even call out people as bogus who may be telling the truth. They’re a little more lenient in the early 2000’s I guess.

    A girl calls who claims to have a 3rd nipple, but none of her details really mesh with what Drew knows about people with three nipples. She sounds like she’s just making it all up as she goes along. Adam even has to cut her off and yell at her for not answering any of his questions directly.

    Right after that, a guy calls in who claims to be in a gay relationship with an HIV positive man, but the caller is also married to a woman and has two children. The guys ask if he’s been tested for HIV yet, and he’s very casual about not having been tested but says he intends to. Just sounds bogus. Drew asks if he’s ever been on the receiving end of anal sex. He goes “uhhhhhhhh….yes” as if you’d actually have to ponder whether or not an HIV positive man entered your anus.

    Drew: “Adam, have you ever been on the receiving end of anal sex?”

    Adam: “Um, let’s see, what day is this?”

  4. Landlubber

    Adam is completely serious about letting Leon come to the parking lot to fight him. That would’ve been quite a thing. lol.

    Adam is such a goofball it’s hard to imagine him as this skilled fighter, but we know from his personal history with boxing and various street fights that he can throw down.

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