Monday, June 7th, 1999 - #962

Guest: Pennywise

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

4.35 (66 votes)

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Show Summary:

Promoting their album Straight Ahead. Fletcher Dragge, intoxicated on alcohol, barricaded the studio door and threatened to throw his feces at Adam and claimed to have a hand grenade. Six police officers arrived to defuse the situation.

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  1. emilmuzz

    It’s fun to listen to the wheels progressively come off the wagon in this show. It starts off more or less fine, but gets progressively more awkward and uncomfortable as Fletcher gets drunker and crazier. Then it goes completely nuts and it’s fantastic.

  2. llfan

    These guys act like a bunch of obnoxious dix throughout the entire show – very unlikable chaps. I hope Fletcher got help for his disease. Adam kept his cool – then again he could have easily boxed his way out of the situation 😉

  3. OldWolf

    It’s my theory that the other guys in Pennywise who aren’t Fletcher never wanted to be in a band, Fletcher was just running drunkenly down the street one day, grabbed a couple of random guys by the throat, and he’s been holding them hostage ever since. 😛

  4. dpeters2

    Hilarious. The show never really gets going because Fletcher just derails the whole show. It ends up getting crazy when the cops come into the studio. Fletch starts threatening everyone and saying he has a grenade and noone is gettin out alive. Fletcher is totally Schwasted. Worth listening to not only because its funny, but because its one of the most wild episodes of loveline I have ever heard.

  5. unclepenny

    @ct: Nobody has the show unfortunately, not even the band. There’s just the short clip they played at the begining of this show, I think it came from a promo Pennyswise CD or EPK from a few years later.

  6. Ryno

    A major mark in the history of Loveline.

    Just good ol’ fashion radio

    “I mean… it’s poo time, it’s party time!!”

    “It’s about to be poo poo city for you Adam!”

    “Please… don’t take him to poo poo city.”

  7. kenvhyt

    terrible show. had to fast forward most of it because of the drunk that kept blabbing.. although seeing the security footage of it is cool as hell. thanks for posting the link rogafufuken and thanks gio for uploading it!

  8. Lateralus

    Wow where do I begin lol. This is definitely a weird feeling for a loveline show, I’d describe it as a weird energy episode lol. It was not entirely their actions but also the fact that this sounded a lot clearer than others, and that there were new commercials and you hear the PSAs Adam and drew always rant on about. We hear the actions of a raging alcoholic first hand haha. So glad there’s security footage too shoutout to rog. If you click the YouTube link and read the comments, there’s a rather aggressive commenter with an offspring logo with the name “Fletcher Holland.” He seems to be unhappy with dr drew and Adam even to this day. I’m not sure if fletcher is enough of a household name to promote some random guy impersonating him, so I kind of believe its really him. It’s all pennywise and offspring stuff on his profile. Lastly, despite them having a vocal raging leader while the other guys just kind of sit there, I actually do like pennywise’s music. In an effort to not support an alcoholic problem I think it’s better if I don’t pay for it tho 😉
    Jk. Lol.

  9. Landlubber

    I doubt the YouTube commenter is really him. The guy is a Pennywise/Offspring megafan and made his name a mashup of guys from those bands. Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise) and Dexter Holland (Offspring). But yeah, this is a classic moment in Loveline history for sure.

  10. benz041

    I can’t believe no one is talking about all the foreshadowing on this episode. Adam brings up how Fletcher is “preparing” something in the bathroom within the first two minutes and later in the first segment mentions that he might need the Culver City Police to stand guard and protect him and Dr. Drew. So crazy.

  11. rlfstr

    Listening to this again, just amazing how it spirals out of control…

    In Fletcher’s defense, he’s genuinely funny and quick-witted, especially considering the intoxication. He would be a good stand-up comedian.

  12. chekhonte

    This was the first episode I’d listened to after getting a job making bagels alone through the midnight hours. It was the show that had me tuning in every night afterwards.

  13. Bassiboy4life

    Don’t quite understand how this show is rated 4.42, this show was sooooo bad and that Fletcher bloke is a right obnoxious dickhead. Man, I understand accidentally swearing, but continuously doing it throughout after being told off is pathetic. If you haven’t already, listen to what happened off the air on the Ben Folds episode, absolutely shocking man. What a dick

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