Tuesday, February 23rd, 1999 - #888

Guest: Fastball

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

In this show its revealed the the guys from Fastball were on the flight that Drew left his 2200.00 dollar cashmere/camel hair coat on when Adam showed up late due to the C loveline caller not showing up for his ride, the Band even remembers quotes from Dr.Drew from that day and comment that they almost stole the coat.

lot's of loveline history in this show, the no show airport ride story, this is also from the week when Adam went to the Grammys with Natalie Maines and he comments on how Lynette felt about it and Dr.Drew piles on.

Lots of stories and laughs.

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  1. theACEman10

    Pretty solid episode here.

    Adam makes a couple quick comments about the guest being late… then gives a great interview upon their quick entry. No looking back for Adam,

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    Lara, F, 22, Stockton

    Sounds british, but keeps saying "yeah?" Accent sounds fake.


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    Big T, M

    Met a girl at a bar. Moved in with her. Asked to rape her. Really REALLY weird call.


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