Sunday, February 21st, 1999 - #886

Guest: Lit

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

Adam says that Peta Wilson will be on the show tomorrow night. Hopefully a recording of that show will surface someday. Adam says that Larry Flint will also be on the show with her so if someone ever finds a 2-22-1999 Larry Flynt show, that may be the infamous Peta Wilson show.

The band brings up Knott's Berry Farm and Adam talks about bringing Tim (Teeem), his catholic brother and some of his friends to Knott's Scary Farm 4 or 5 years ago. He said it was a horrible night, even though he didn't stay with them but sat in a Diner and saw a movie by himself.

A good Lit song is Played. A caller puts a plug in for The Dr. Drew and Adam book.

Caller Scott says he's banging his twin sister. Adam calls bogus but almost takes it back after he says he's from Bakersfield. When they ask him to repeat a number Drew told him to write down, he laughs and hangs up.

Drew takes a stab at Chumbawamba and Adam requests a good gabling call. A caller named Kenny has a strong Cincinnati accent.

Adam says you can throw up about 5 times in a van before it's totaled while the limit in a car is just 1 time. Also 5 vomits can be traded in for one defecation.

Adam tells a good story about the show Emergency. They were shooting a scene near his middle school and Adam thought it was a regular ambulance and went to check out what was happening. He poked his head in the ambulance and saw the two guys from the tv show. He figured they were actual EMT's. They told him to go away. A little while later her realized they were shooting the show.

They talk about Peta Wilson and her accent.

A 14 year old caller named Angel has a little girl voice with a Southern accent. They decide right away to gamble. They all put in $5 each after Adam has to talk Drew into it. Unlike most guests, the band puts in all good bets. She talks about a bunch of bizarre stuff that had happened to her and Drew acts like some of it isn't a big deal. Adam says he's saying that because he has money riding on it. At the end of the call she asks a great question:

Angel: What's a bong? Adam: It's where stoned guys keep their flowers. Angel: Huuuhhh? Adam: It's an apparatus used for smoking marijuana. Drew: In the 70's Adam: Don't tell my friends that.

They go over the call and the bets to see who won. Drew tries to talk them into giving him his $5 back.

There's some talk about girls going to the doctor with their friends. Adam doesn't think it's a good idea. Producer Ann chimes in and says it's normal. Drew brings up Adam going to Jimmy's prostate exam but Adam explains he brought a microphone so he could get something for the morning show.

Adam says a gay magazine called Lavender criticized Loveline and how Adam and Drew take calls.

A caller says he heard Adam on a radio commercial. Adam asks Drew what he thought the commercial was for but Drew didn't hear the question because he was reading the gay magazine. It turns out Adam did a Mountain Dew radio commercial.

Comments (5)

  1. pastahero

    Early Drew was so, so naive. The incest call from Scott is so unbelievably bogus, and yet Drew believes him b/c he answered yes when Drew asked if the sister had been molested. But clearly Drew was looking for that answer; that’s why he asked the question. Only when the guy panics and hangs up does Drew concede that it was bogus. In later years, Drew would call bogus on a stoner with a non-question within literally 3-5 seconds.

  2. Lateralus

    Really enjoyable show, went by way fast. I always enjoy it when the 90s hits guests are in. It’s better when you enjoy the music and the guys are cool. Smart on the betting. You notice that drew is kinda cheap and I thoroughly enjoy Adams remarks on it

  3. KD24

    Drew was annoying in this episode. Totally dismissive of that girl’s sexual abuse just cause he didn’t guess it. He didn’t even ask whether it was just exploratory or actually sexual before he said it wasn’t a big deal. Also he was reading that gay magazine while he was supposed to be doing the show. Adam kinda has a point about them getting paid the same amount.

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    Scott, M, 20, Bakersfield, CA

    Claims he's having sex with his twin sister. Wants to know if he should tell their parents.


  • call



    Kenny, M, 22, Cincinnati, OH

    Genitals ache after sex.

    comment for host pain during sex


  • call



    Angel, F, 14, Los Angeles, CA

    Is attracted to female best friend.

    gambling (on the history of the caller) little girl voice


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