Tuesday, October 28th, 1997 - #543

Guest: David Faustino

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

3.86 (22 votes)

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Show Summary:

Hilarious episode!!!

David Mentions that there is a porn film based on "Married with Children" and Adam mention what an honor it would be to have a loveline themed porn film, "Dr. Spew and Alan".

must listen!!!

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  1. inFRUITthe

    Adam tells a hilarious story from his boxing days when going on a rant about how crappy a pet a bird is (totally true btw). Apparently a bird at his gym bit through 3 of his stop watches!

  2. unclepenny

    That was due to a tape flip I suspect, is there a lot of overlap or commercials? It looks like someone did an edit (other recording) but it’s over half an hour shorter than the original.

  3. hattmat

    good show. The virgin caller at the end is good and David actually asks Drew’s advice about his own relationship. It’s always nice when a guest opens up

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