Thursday, October 23rd, 1997 - #540

Guest: Tom Silver & Sunny Garcia

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

3.25 (17 votes)

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  1. inFRUITthe

    Tom is a hypnotist and Sunny is a surfer. I was initially excited about the hypnotizing portion of the show as I really enjoy when they have mystics, psychics, etc. but it ended up being really lame. I don’t know if it translated better in person but it seemed incredibly fake (shocker!) and it was annoying to listen to. Sunny is probably a total stoner – he even named his kid Stone, who is also in studio. Adam comments on how the 4 year old already has a better speech pattern than the triplets and Drew gets legitimately ticked off and acts antagonistically towards Adam for the rest of the show. A very strange mix of content due to having two very different guests.

  2. Juanimator

    This is one of the bad ones (Compared to a Dag or Tom Arnold show it is pretty grim). The guests sucked, big time, plus Adam and Drew are cranky and it is obvious they just wanna go home.

  3. SMDB

    it’s all in the cadence and inflections of the voice in regards to hypnotism. and, contrary to what mator said, i think this is a highly fascinating episode of the show.

  4. Lateralus

    That was interesting… You can hear whispering after the one girl doesn’t name the book title when she’s playing the “sex doctor” character haha… Still cool

  5. pastahero

    @Lateralus: yes, you “can” comment as many times as you want, but the spirit of this site is about LL fans sharing reviews, notes and thoughts with each other. The Last 100 Comments is a good way to see what people are talking about right now, and it’s not fair to other users when their comments get pushed off the page too fast. It’s great if you have lots of thoughts on a particular show, just combine them in one long comment.

  6. pirate-astronaut

    Caller: I feel like my stepdad is more of a father than my real dad.
    Drew: so you’re having familial feelings for him?
    Caller: NO, I just feel like he’s more of a dad than my real dad.


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