Tuesday, May 27th, 1997 - #433

Guest: Stephen Baldwin

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Show Summary:

AMAZING SHOW! This is a must-listen for anyone. One of the best eps I've ever heard. This show is the source of the "That guy is cool!" drop.

Adam talks about how Stephen started Pool Aid and now a golf tournament called Fore Play to benefit.

Adam gives thanks to Julie Kaminski. She is the listener who sent in Adam's and Drew's chairs because the WW1 chairs were so uncomfortable. Adam guesses WW1 may be buying a continent with all the money they save from not updating any equipment. Adam plugs the furniture company because he is so pleased by the chairs.

Adam points out Drew's problem is he sits back and doesn't complain except for once in a while when he spazzes out over nothing.

Engineer Mike wises off when Adam says he doesn't want Leykis in these chairs and will chain them together.

The first caller has been faking orgasms for a while and wants to put an end to it. Producer Ann chimes in and suggests next time say "I don't know what happened, I didn't have one that time." Then they would try new things so she could have one.

44 year-old Gail had a weird chemical exposure in 1986 and still gets side effects from it. She can't figure out how to take care of them. Drew pulls out that she does not trust or listen to her doctors as a result of an abuse episode she had as a kid. At age 10 her cousin tried to abuse her, she ran to the Aunt but she did not believe her. Drew wrote that down on his chalkboard 30 seconds into the call.

16 year-old Disade is the first caller to wish Adam a happy birthday. He does many drugs but is an honor student. He wants his parents to back off. Drew says it would kill him if his kids did drugs and he'd do anything to stop them. He would rather have them jumping off buildings with a parachute.

It's time for the break and Stephen has still not shown up. He's called 4 times and is on still on the way. When they come back from the break Stephen arrives as well as some birthday pie.

Stephen enters the studio with food. He mentions he has not had a drink in 8 years. He is about to eat an energy bar that looks "gnarly." He chomps into the mic and talks about being "engineered food." He requests a bottle of water but gets yelled at by Adam.

Stephen offers Adam a very expensive cigar. Engineer Mike says if he gets a cigar they can smoke in the studio. Drew says he smokes a cigar once a month because he's a doctor. The cigars he has are very rare and hard to get.

Fore Play '97 is plugged. Stephen says there will be MTV, playmates and big celebrities there. Of course it will also be raising money for AIDS.

Drew tries the crap bar and is disgusted by the taste.

A caller asks Drew to give the definition addiction. Apparently he tried to do so when the Sneaker Pimps were on the show but he couldn't be heard due to drunken Liam interrupting him. A trip is taken down memory lane as they listen to the band fighting with each other during the break all while Adam tried to calm them down.

19 year-old Leslie wants to know if multiple facial piercing are cause brain damage. She has 16 piercing that are in her ears, eyebrows, nose, tongue and lips. Her dad left at age three and her grandmother has tattoo. Stephen finds this very amusing and wants to make a song about it. Lastly it's revealed that Leslie is a radio DJ.

Brooke, 17 cuts herself. She lives with her 24 year-old ex-boyfriend because her mother won't let her come home. Stephen sort of cut back in the day. He was wasted in a taxicab and started cutting himself through his legs while laughing. Brooke had a violent step dad and an absent father. Everyone agrees she needs to make amends with her mother and move back in with her.

Stephen says he loves the 10-second timeout music. Engineer Mike says the Chemical Brothers recorded it.

Stephen tells a story where he met Steven Spielberg. It was a bit awkward because he got pissed at a writer who was in the room. This is where the "That guy is cool!" drop came from.

Caller Ford has had 4 affairs on his wife and she's had one. Everything was unprotected. Stephen gets pissed at the guy because he is risking getting AIDS with the 4 women he's seen. Adam suggests using him as a target at the golf tournament.

Caller Mike tells Stephen he should start calling people dog instead of pimp and homie. He later says he wrote a poem called "An Ode to Loveline." He refuses to read it on air though so they let him go.

Ariel, 26 got involved in some S&M stuff at a Sci-Fi convention. They had her do some very disturbing things and now she's all freaked out.

Stephen does a callback to a joke Adam said earlier and is really amused by it.

Tyra Banks will be in tomorrow followed by David Spade on Thursday. It turns out Tyra requested to come on the show.

Kennedy calls in to wish Adam a happy birthday.

Stephen talks about the torture he got from his brothers. One time he put a spinning top under Alec's armpit in the shower and tore all the hair off. Another time he swung a golf club at his brother Danny, breaking his hand. He was 7 at the time.

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  1. SMDB

    one of the worst shows ever. stephen steps on anyone and everyone just to hear himself talk. and he’s not entertaining in any way. don’t waste your time -.-

  2. kingdom

    Usually hard to rate a loveline episode is bad but Stephen Baldwin is the worst. He’s comes off as about half as smart as the average loveline caller, talks way too much and is moron.

  3. Lateralus

    At the begining they gave out the number of the furniture place that gave em new chairs and we got the same area code! Have no idea where it is but we reppin da 630! nahmean?

  4. BMacC

    Easy to understand why he was never as successful as Alec after listening to this episode, he’s insane. And he kinda trashes Steven Spielberg over the air, which couldn’t have helped.

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    Brooke, F, 19

    Unable to reach orgasm during sex with fiancé, has been faking it for months. Producer Ann provides useful advice.

    orgasm difficulties


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    Desade, M, 16

    Does a lot of drugs, parents know about it. Wants to know why parents are concerned about use despite being functional/good student.

    acid/LSD addiction alcohol marijuana/pot/weed


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    Cathy, F, 28

    Wants to know what the definition of "addiction" is.



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    Leslie, F, 19

    Asking if "multiple piercings" can cause brain damage? The guys start sniffing around her past. Dad left when she was 3.



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    Brooke, F, 17, Florida

    Broke up with boyfriend, 24, cuts herself. Parents won't let her back home. Real dad lives in CA. Step dad abusive.

    abusive/absent father cutting physical abuse by parent running away from home


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