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male • Joined: 2/18/2012
Monday, 7/28/2014 at 12:16 AM EDT
Hey TOBYDOG! Unclepenny here. I have a really important question for you, need a tape of yours to fill a gap in the official classic LL podcast. Please email me at [email protected] or find me on Facebook or twitter ASAP. Thanks a ton in advance! -Adam
Tuesday, 6/25/2013 at 11:32 PM EDT
What's the story about Daniel hiding the lobster?
I've *never* heard that one. Do you happen to recall a specific episode that Adam told that story?
Tuesday, 8/28/2012 at 11:54 PM EDT
Some of my favorite Adam stories you should all listen for:

1.The Flat tire on the way to Tiajuana in Snake’s car with bald tires.

2.The Bad Knee stories
a.How the knee blew out
b.The makeout party w/ the beer bottle, baseball bat, and Ray finding the guy later.
c.Getting and moving the Booth upstairs, and all the good times in the booth.

a.Adam Tackles skaters
b.Adam had to dig a customer’s keys out of the McDonald’s dumpster.
c.Adam used to eat the discarded fillet o’ fish sandwiches out by the dumpster.

4.Swift Graffiti Justice

5.The Pie Eating Contest

6.Jack n’ the Box hose up the ass, and the rarely mentioned fact that they used to dump on eachother’s heads too.

7.The 94′ Earthquake story. I love this one because he never mentions the lucky fact that his girlfriend happened to be at his apartment when her home and workplace were destroyed. Personaly I think it’s because he always thought that if she had been home her mother would have never had to stay in his apartment with Adam and his buddies during his facial herpetic breakout.

8.Ray’s poop in his ear at school.

9.The time Adam left school for lunch and the school pulled his “emergency contact card” to punish him when he returned only to find that Adam had filled it out himself and put government as his dad’s job and for the rest he put “classified”. Mom worked on the corner of Hollywood & Vine as a hooker.

10.The time he put a closet in the wrong house… at first. While employed with a bunch of born again gang bangers chanting “Shun-da-la Shun-da-la”.

11.Adam farts into a coffee can and makes Jimmy Kimmel smell it.
a.Earlier that night Jimmy jumped in the house through his window butt naked.

12.Two guys start a fight with Adam over a girl named Shela. Adam didn’t know Shela but kicked thier asses anyway and told them to “Get some ice on that!”

13.Adam’s friend who used to end relationships with a pie in the girls face.

14.Babysitting Reemy & Ronnie and searching for porn.

15.Searching for food and tools while babysitting for the neighbors.
Tuesday, 8/28/2012 at 11:54 PM EDT
16.Cancled Softball game so Adam stays out drinking instead instead of keeping his date and gets punched by his girlfriend.

17.Al & Skip
a.Box of Dildo’s & Buttplugs
b.His son, a younger version of him
c.Death of Skipper his dog
d.The untouchable hose
e.Adam’s apartment w/ The rabbit, Slot car track, Sharing a futon with Don “the weeze”, and a the bong that was too tall, and blasting Van Halen.

18.Adam’s countdown to getting back to the hotel room the room being locked and him having to piss in the ice machime.

19.Puking in the ice machine in Mexico.

20.Adam’s stained truck no seats and a level tied to the back bumper for sparks.

21.Not sure if it’s the same truck but… The truck with the self installed kill-switch so when ever someone would steal it he would just have to pick a direction and walk for about a mile til he found it, with the stereo that was spray-painted the same color as the dash so no one would want it still in it.

22.The Dixie Chicks Grammy’s storey / Jimmy’s prank.

23.Adam’s football sholder injury and refusing to quit football.

24.Adam’s interview to get Nate, his catholic little brother.

25.The calling card he got for Nate that he ran up so high they cut off Adams phone. he called up the phone company and argued fiercly until they mentioned Nate’s name.

26.Adam goes #2 in his Grandma’s toilet and flushes while the plumber has a section of pipe removed and is working on it, after the plumber asked him not to flush.

27.One of Adam’s buddies was using his room to makeout with a girl and get her top off while Adam watched from the closet, his stepmom walked in right in the middle of it, Adam had assumed her gone but her car was in the shop and he had to escape via the window and come back in through the front door.

28.The time Adam worked as a delivery guy for a liquor store and stopped by his friend’s (a girl) house while they happened to be sunbathing nude. He tried to get a better view and wound up getting trapped in the house trying to avoid them.

29.The popcorn tin Adam’s uncle got Adam for graduation that made such a nice toilet.

30.Natatia Henstrich’s crush on Adam.

31.Adam put the call out to the listeners for a ride to the airport and one said she’d be there and never showed sending Adam into a nightmare of stairs plane catching, and Drew’s coat.

32.Doing shrooms and thinking about Lee Press-on Nails and the waves that bees wings make

33.Adam planned a big date for his girlfriend at Disneyland drove all the way out there and it was firemen only day.

34.The time Al Lewis aka Grandpa Munster reached over the front seat and smacked Adam.

35.Adam’s new maid finds Ron Jeremy’s rubber dong.

36.The masturbation abstaning contest to win The Cold Jerky T-shirt.

37.Adam borrows Jimmiy’s Costco card and heads to Costco gets in the store fine and thinks that’s all they do to check who you are. Then when he’s in line he realises they’re checking it there too but, because he’s wearing a hat like Jimmy is in the picture on the card he thinks he will get through just fine. The first thing the guy says to him before he even hands him the card is “How’s the show going?”

38.Adam went to Jimmy’s Grandpa’s funeral on 45 minutes sleep and after the funeral they all saw a huge rainbow next to the funeral home and Adam say’s “Don’t get excited they’re filming a Skittles commercial next door.”

39.Ray chucked a bar of soap at Adam’s nuts in the shower then tried to rape Chris with a shampoo bottle and that was the end of Adam showering at school.

40.Adam tried out for The Dating Game, pissed off the interviewer by giving away his ploy to get rid of the other applicants, then makes it on the show but girlfriend wouldn’t let him go.

41.Adam applied for the fire dept. got the call for an interview 2 years later and the girl behind him in line applied last week.

42.Adam used to put Ralph Lauren perfume on his wrist during masturbation for added effect.

43.Esti’s kitchen fire.

44.Adam’s car that wouldn’t accept A/C and when he finally replaces the entire system a drunk totals it in front of his apartment and his eyes while on the phone with Jimmy.

45.Adam drove off a tow-truck while arguing with the driver.

46.Adam used car bondo as zit cream… on purpose.

47.Jimmy replaced Adams toothpaste with vaginal cream.

48.Adam had a guy come set up his Tivo for the first time and while he was showing Adam how everything worked he hit play on the VCR and an image of a chick working herself over with a hot-pink vibrator appeared on the screen.

49.The Ray and the flaming marshmello story

50.Adam’s buddies put a bucket of dookie near him while he was working and threw bolts from the roof into the bucket.

51.Someone pooped in Adam’s tub while his house was being renovated.(I always thought this screamed Ray but maybe he wasn’t around this project.)

52.The time Adam nearly died when he went for a ride in Zorback’s bus and inhailed carbon monoxide then stumbled around a grocery store for a while and couldn’t open the old lady’s bag.

53.The time when he tried to do a flip while holding on to the doorjam and dropped on his head.

54.Adam’s grandmother was remembering his dead grandfather because she found the vaginal lube, and wondering if anyone knew what a rim job was at the dinner table.

55.When Molly was bitten by a rattler.

56.When Adams naked buddy got out of the car to hit the button on the way home from the beach and they drove off and left him.

57.Disarming “Shakey” Jake

58.The time Adam & Dr. Drew did the Jenny Jones show and they had to bump Adam to first class. Then made him wait 2 hours in the studio greenroom when the Fucking hotel was across the street.
Tuesday, 8/28/2012 at 11:53 PM EDT
59.Adam & the Balance Ball: Dropping the twins, crazy balance, and medicine ball around the waist

60.Chris passed out walking back from Tiajuana Todd kicked him in the nuts because he thought he was faking.They threw him in the trunk Adam lugged Chris into hotel on the way he woke up and yelled “Captain we can’t feed these boys sticky rice!” Adam threw him on bed went to bathroom to clean up. then heard him hit the floor when his buddy rolled him off the bed wedging him between the wall and bed… Good times!

61.Adam and buddies duct taped a kid they didn’t even know to a chair when he passed out drunk and other things done to people who have passed out.

62.Adam took an AIDS test to get into a chics pants but only got to babysit her dog. Though he did nail her before the AIDS test.

63.Adam’s hated neighbor’s house (tree) was on fire another neighbor tried to make him call the fire dept after Adam had proclaimed he wouldn’t days before.

64.Piss Wars - like when Ray left a cup of piss for Adam to drink on counter,then went to watch through window. Adam blinded him with a cup of his own piss. & Brewin’.

65.Ray caught Jacky, the self proclaimed non-masturbater, masturbating.

66.Carolla Christmases - Grandma’s rubber tree and leaning a branch against the wall.

67.Spelling Girl with a ‘U’ at the chalkboard.

68.Dingo Boy

69.Chris “Hard-on” Harden’s Braces

70.Ray returns Adam’s Rams beanie.

71.Ray paid Adam $20.00 to let Ray shave his ass.

72.A 7th grade Adam stumbles onto the set of Emergency on Colfax near his friends house saw Gage & DeSoto and accused them of being real firefighters.

73.Adam’s buddy called 2 hookers. The pimps got pissed and Adams buddy called the cops.

74.Teenage Adam & Ray take out the trash Ray runs ahead to hide and scare Adam and nearly gives an old woman a heart-attack.

75.Lighting farts on car trips.

76.Naked Adam tries to cup and smell a fart while running upstairs and sharts in his hand.

77.All the places Adam has been thrown out of.

78.Adam’s nutty girlfriend made him get her birthday card during a nice dinner.

79.Adam’s electric toothbrush introduction to masturbation by Chris.

80.Adam’s start in radio and the beginning of a long love affair with Jimmy.

81.The guy who used to collect missing kids photos from milk cartons.

82.Adam broke of engagement with Lynette to be single for a while.

83.Wrenching on motorcycles with Leno before Leno was Leno.

84.1 died 1 returned then came Molly. RIP Norman & Kitty Beloved by all.
a. How Norman used to get Adam to let him in at night.

85.Looking at a picture of a man & girl who looked like Janice Joplin and saying but that’s no Bobby McGee but it was.

86.Snake & Ray trade loogies at 10 paces.

87.Adam finally kicked out by dad for smoking weed through his dad’s trumpet mouthpiece.

88.Adam lost Molly at Jimmy’s party. Buddy looks over random fence and finds her.

89.Buckwheat the dog

90.Adam had to keep buying stopwatches when he taught boxing because a big bird would climb up the ropes and peck it to pieces.

91.Adam’s Prom date RIP.

a.The dream where Adam’s a gladiator doing battle in a feord then has to piss and gets his armor off just in time and wets his stripper girlfriend Lindsay’s (who he met at a drag show at Philip’s bachelor party at the Queen Mary) bed. Then goes from gladiator to four year old While she tends to him.
b.Adam’s Adrian Barbeau mall dream.
c.Adam’s dream where he tore Jimmy’s sack flipping him over in a chair.
d.The dream where Dr. Drew cut open Adam’s hand and a giant roach crawled out.
e.The dream where Adam’s Mother and his Grandma beat him with his own genitalia in the pool.
f.The dream where Drew Carey has Adam trapped under his coffee table and is pissing on him.

93.Taking Patrick Dempsey to Home Depot and meeting a fan of Adam’s and intrducing Patrick as the star of Meatballs 4 which Adam had been watching earlier that day.

94.Adam pooped in the shower on purpose.

95.Adam was beaten up in school yard by a girl. Finally had to tell teachers to do something.

96.Adam had to drain a big black pool.

97.Adam & Dr. Drew left a NY affiliate any were flagged down by hookers. Drew being the gentleman he was headed over there to see if he could be of any assistance.

98.Adam used to piss on jackets in the bathtub at the hippy-school.

99.Adam used to be left with a black family by his mother. they used to play football a lot. One day Adam called one of the the “N” word in the middle of a game.

100.Adam returned drunk in the pouring rain to his car and there was a cop parked next to it.

101.Bears vs. Chiefs. win it for Robert & Lenny the bench clearing brawl.

102.The time Ray cock-blocked Adam while camping.

103.Ray’s mom almost caught Adam with a Frisky magazine.

104.Adam went to girlfriend’s house to retrieve baseball glove and found spent condom.

105.Adam’s J-walking ticket in Rapebank.

106.Adam and Lauren used to ride on the front seat standing with heads out the rag-top roof of the VW.

107.The prick that managed Adam at the celebrity baseball game.

108.Adam used a sprinkler key to deffend the neighborhood from a rogue attacking dog.

109.Adam and James throw water balloons off the 7-11 roof and get caught.

110.Whenever Adam dressed up nice Ray would piss on him.

111.Adam almost froze when Don and Carl wouldn’t share their sleeping bags while camping.

112.Daniel Hides the lobster from the waiter.

113.Don “the weezle” lit a cigarette off of Adam’s lit fart.

114.Adam’s grandpa used to wake him up so he wouldn’t wet the bed.

115.Adam’s mom couldn’t think of a reason to get cable.

116.Adam and The Weeze were desprate and tried to pick up some ugly chicks. Adam asked the chicks if they could sit down and the chicks asked why.
Wednesday, 8/8/2012 at 6:19 PM EDT
I did eventually run across some show where adam tells the sunbathing story. One thing that does kinda temper it a bit is that Adam did know the girls who were living in the house.
Sunday, 3/18/2012 at 5:51 PM EDT
re: your post above, is there an LL ep available on here where adam tells that story?
Thursday, 2/23/2012 at 12:15 AM EST
Personally I think is perfect as is. The only thing missing is avatars, I have a good one of me and Adam I'd use LOL
Wednesday, 2/22/2012 at 11:44 PM EST
MY FAVORITE LOVELINE MOMENTS: Any time Adam gets Drew laughing so hard with the poo and spoo humor that he has to sit back and turn his mic off because he can't stop laughing no matter how serious the call.
Wednesday, 2/22/2012 at 11:35 PM EST
MY FAVORITE ADAM STORY: I have 100s of Adam stories I laugh my ass off every time I hear but my absolute favorite story is when Adam was making a liquor delivery to a neighborhood where some girls he knew lived. He stopped by to say hi knocked, no answer so he went inside and saw they were sunbathing in the back yard. The house was an 'L' shape and he knew he'd have a better view if he went to the other side of the house. When he got there and looked out the window he realized the girls had gotten up and come into the house there by trapping him in the back bedroom. He had to hide in a closet.
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I first started listening to Loveline in late 1995 on KUKQ AM1060 as a young pizza delivery guy working nights in Mesa, AZ. I was flipping through the AM channels, for some reason that can only be fate, and I heard a voice say "You're a lesbian and you want to tell your parents?" "...Why?". I was immediately interested. There were 3 hosts then, Adam, Drew, and Ricky. I listened every night. I told the other drivers about it and soon it was on everyone's car stereo and on the shop stereo every Sunday through Thursday nights. Ricky was dropped. The show itself took off with Adam as the new co-host and moved to the biggest FM station in AZ 98KUPD.

One of the other drivers there, Tim, started taping the shows around 1997. He let me listen to the tapes after I started working during the day in 2002. Though he rarely marked tapes and often had multiple shows sharing multiple tapes I listened to and marked all the tapes then transferred the shows to my own tapes and put them all together on their own tapes and put them in order so I could listen to them at work in order. The shows always fit perfectly onto any 90 min tape when I cut the commercials out. Buying tape decks for my cars got old and embarrassing so I decided to hook a mic cord from my tape deck to my PC and transfer them over 1 at a time. I got about 200 shows the first batch.

Months later I was looking around the web for Loveline stuff and came across the old Loveline HUB. I dumped all my shows onto the HUB and I discovered thousands of shows and met Unclepenny, Giovanni, Digger, Colin and many others. This prompted me to ask Tim if he had any more shows. He called his cousin who listens in Tucson and he was recording them too. I got about 100 or so more shows that batch. I got all the original tapes, all the tapes from Tim's cousin, and all my shows and sent them off to Gio and the others to be transferred in higher quality. Thanks to them they are now all here on this site.

I would love to get some more shows from the mid - late 90s. I remember in 1996 there was a show where Adam is talking about how guys are willing to stick their dick in anything if it looks like it might feel good. I believe the drop was "I'll roll over and try to hump a bowl of chili if I'm sitting next to it long enough." It was played by Mike, I think it was Mike, a few times after. I also remember when Adam wanted to be called 'The Philosopher Warrior' and complained that No one ever says "Long time listener first time caller" on this show and for a years after people kept saying it.

There are some shows I haven't heard but would love to hear like the show Drew did on the day of the huge earthquake in California and he had to climb up to something like the 18th floor in a building that was damaged in the quake and seemed to Drew like it might collapse at any moment. In fact he and the engineer were the only 2 people willing to go in the building. Drew said he felt like he had to be there to do the show that night... You know Drew, always the boyscout.

It's shows like that, all the humor, all the fucked up people, the cool guests being themselves, the helpful information, and the knowledge and insight gained from years of listening that make this show so great and entertaining. With websites like this Loveline can live forever. Get those in tapes people!!
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