The All-Time Loveline Staff

A galaxy of characters has surrounded Loveline over the years. This page is dedicated to everyone from the on-air personalities down to phone screeners and producers who made Loveline possible.

  • Host
    "Spacin'" Scott Mason
    1983 - 1987 | 4 shows

    Scott Mason was an American radio personality, executive and engineer who worked at Los Angeles stations KKDJ, KIQQ, KGBS/KTNQ and KROQ-FM.

    Scott started in radio at the age of 14. After honing his skills at various Southern California stations, a young Mr. Mason was hired to run KROQ-FM in May 1979. Rick Carroll, the station’s program director, hired Scott to be a weekend DJ and Chief Engineer while he was still a teenager. Since that time, Scott has worked every airshift on KROQ at one time or another. Scott was even an original host of Loveline with Poorman and Dr. Drew.

    Mason suffered from kidney problems for most of his adult life. He received a transplant in 1999 and a second transplant in 2012 and died on April 19, 2015.

  • Host
    "Swedish" Egil Aalvik
    1983 - 1990

    Born in Malmo, Sweden, Egil's musical career began when he started working as a DJ in the active club circuit in Scandinavia. In 1976, Egil left Sweden for the United States.

    In Los Angeles, Egil became a DJ, music director and booking agent at clubs and events around the city. In 1982, Egil joined KROQ-FM. In addition to his on-air DJ duties, Egil hosted, produced and created special feature programming for KROQ, including Loveline and Reggae Revolution.

    In 1991, Egil left KROQ to join L.A.'s new MARS-FM.

  • Guest Host
    Farley Malorrus
    1983 - 1992

    Farley entered the radio scene in 1975 where he soon became a popular addition to various DJ's in the Los Angeles area. He became the KROQ astrologer and made occasional appearances on Loveline.

  • Host
    Jim "The Poorman" Trenton
    1983 - 1993 | 29 shows

    Jim "The Poorman" Trenton is an American radio broadcaster. He is best known as the host of Loveline on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles from 1983 to 1993.

    Trenton created Loveline in 1983 as a Sunday night dating and relationships segment on Los Angeles radio station KROQ, hosted by Trenton, DJ "Swedish" Egil Aalvik, and Scott Mason. As Trenton found himself unable to answer serious medical questions related to sexual issues, he added a segment called "Ask a Surgeon," and later "On Call with Dr. Drew," hosted by his friend Drew Pinsky, who at the time, was a fourth-year medical student at the University of Southern California.

    On August 20, 1993, Trenton responded to a prank performed on him by fellow KROQ DJ Gene "Bean" Baxter. Trenton organized approximately 300 listeners to gather on the front lawn of Bean's house at midnight, to celebrate Trenton's birthday, and Bean complained to the station's management, which responded by terminating Trenton's employment. That month, he was replaced on Loveline by former MTV VJ Riki Rachtman.

    The hugely popular Loveline continued to thrive without Trenton, earning many millions of dollars, and becoming syndicated. It also had a televised run on MTV for a number of years.

    In 1994, Trenton sued KROQ and demanded a piece of the revenues from Loveline. The court ruled against Trenton, citing that Loveline was created as part of Trenton's employment at KROQ, thereby making it their property. Trenton appealed the decision, but that was also unsuccessful.

    On December 8, 1998, Trenton filed a $40 million copyright infringement lawsuit against MTV in the Los Angeles District Court, claiming the network stole his idea for their televised version of Loveline, which he had pitched to them several times in 1996. That suit was also dismissed.

    In January 2010, Trenton accused Dr. Drew of cocaine abuse during their Loveline days. This accusation appeared in Life & Style Magazine. Trenton repeated these allegations and provided more detail in a June 2015 Daily Mail article.

  • Host
    Dr. Drew Pinsky
    1984 - 2016 | 2093 shows

    Drew Pinsky, best known as Dr. Drew, is an American celebrity doctor who is a board-certified internist, addiction medicine specialist, and media personality. He hosted Loveline from the show's inception in 1984 to its end in 2016.

    Drew was raised in Pasadena, California. Education formed much of Pinsky's early life including an undergraduate education from Amherst College. Like his father, Pinsky decided to pursue a career in medicine and went on to earn a M.D. from the USC School of Medicine.

    In 1984, while still a medical student, Pinsky started appearing in "Ask a Surgeon", a segment of a Sunday night KROQ-FM show hosted by Jim "Poorman" Trenton and "Swedish" Egil Aalvik. "Ask the Surgeon" soon combined with "Loveline", another Sunday night segment, into a show of its own, co-hosted by Trenton and Pinsky. At the time, the show was done once a week as a community service for both Pinsky and KROQ.

    As the show grew in popularity, it gained more commercial viability, eventually achieving broadcasts 5 nights per week, better suited hosts, and national syndication. The one constant through Loveline's history has been Pinsky's devotion to the show. Pinsky's medical career has grown in tandem with his experiences on Loveline, allowing him to experiment in merging the mainstream media and straightforward medical information and advice.

    The exposure on both radio and television made Pinsky the "Gen-X answer to Dr. Ruth Westheimer, with an AIDS-era, pro-safe-sex message." The MTV show ran for four years, while the radio show continued until April 2016 with co-host Mike Catherwood.

    Outside of the 'media' world Pinsky still maintains a small private practice inherited from his father, and is the medical director of the Los Encinas rehab clinic in Southern California. He is also a clinical assistant professor of psychiatry at USC School of Medicine.

  • Guest Host
    Lee "Harvey" Alpert
    1986 - 1989 | 1 show

    Lee Alpert is a founding shareholder of Alpert, Barr & Grant. As a strategic advocate, registered lobbyist and attorney, Lee is a recognized leader and innovator. For over 30 years, Lee has been successfully assisting individuals and businesses in achieving their goals.

  • Program Director
    Andy Schuon
    1989 - 1992

    Schuon was a program director at KROQ from 1989 to 1992 and then a Viacom VP of Programming & Production from 1992 to 1998. He is credited with making Loveline a five-nights-a-week show on KROQ and getting it onto MTV.

  • Guest Host
    Dusty Street
    1989 - ? | 1 show

    Dusty Street was one of the first female FM rock DJs, hitting the air full time in 1969. She was a DJ at KROQ-FM and occasionally hosted Loveline when Poorman was not available, notably on May 7, 1989.

  • Producer
    Ann Wilkins-Ingold
    1990 - 2016

    Ann Wilkins-Ingold has been the producer of Loveline at KROQ since 1990. She is the only employee of the original radio show that still works on Loveline in it's rebooted podcast form. She has been with Loveline longer than anyone else besides Dr. Drew.

  • Guest Host
    Tami Heide
    1992 - 1998 | 6 shows

    Tami Heide, "the girl with two first names," was a popular afternoon disc jockey on KROQ-FM in Los Angeles, California from 1991 to 2004. Tami joined as a Loveline host occasionally throughout the 1990s. Heide left KROQ-FM in January 2005 and now works at KCBS-FM (Jack) in Los Angeles.

  • Host
    Riki Rachtman
    1993 - 1996 | 30 shows

    Riki Rachtman is an American television and radio personality.

    From August 1993 to January 1996, Riki co-hosted the radio advice program Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla. The trio hosted together until friction between Riki and Adam led Riki to leave the show. Riki's last show was on January 17, 1996.

  • Engineer
    Mike Dooley
    1995 - 1999

    Mike Dooley worked as sound engineer on Loveline from October 1995 to June 20, 1999. He produced "The Drew Shuffle" and "The Drew Boogie" and was also known as "The One-Nut Wonder" due to his vasectomy that was publicly shared with the show.

  • Host
    Adam Carolla
    1995 - 2005 | 2053 shows

    Adam Carolla is an American comedian, radio personality, television host, actor, podcaster, author and director.

    Adam was born on May 27, 1964 and was raised in North Hollywood, California. He attended a "free range hippie school" for at least part of his elementary education, he also attended Walter Reed Junior High School and North Hollywood High School where he 'majored' in ceramics. Shortly after high school Adam moved out of his Dad's garage into an apartment with his friends. Adam played junior college football for about half a year after being recruited by the local coach at Los Angeles Valley College. He left junior college at age 19 due to a back injury. To support himself he first worked as a carpet cleaner, but soon got involved in construction and carpentry. While working construction Adam's hobbies included boxing and various comedic pursuits including improv theater and stand-up comedy. At the age of 23 he went back to junior college briefly, but soon dropped out again.

    Using his recreational boxing experience, Carolla was able to land a short-term radio job as the boxing trainer for the then morning-radio-sports-guy, Jimmy Kimmel. Kimmel and Carolla became good friends. Using this experience as a way into the radio business, Carolla aggressively pursued a part on the KROQ morning show, and was rewarded with the chance to occasionally call-in as his best character, "Mr. Birchum". Shortly after Carolla started working in radio, the long-time host of the radio show "Loveline", Dr. Drew Pinsky, heard Carolla on the morning show and suggested him as a possible Loveline host.

    In October 1995, after being signed to the William Morris Agency by Mark Itkin, Carolla was offered the job of co-hosting Loveline with physician Dr. Drew, replacing Riki Rachtman.

    While the format of the program was primarily a call-in show where listeners would ask questions about sex and relationships, Carolla would often spend much of the show ranting about various topics, from fart jokes to extended parodies of radio morning shows, including mocking the format's penchant for useless and repetitive weather and traffic reports. In contrast to the reserved, thoughtful Pinsky, Carolla served as the loud, funny side of the show. Carolla's character was described by one reviewer as "a toned-down version of Howard Stern minus the huge ego".

    Carolla often gave extended commentary about matters having little to do with the official subject matter of the show. Common topics included: Carolla's dislike of the negative effects of religious zealotry; criticism of celebrities; complaints about politically-originated policies that make little sense; junior colleges; traffic/parking enforcement as pure revenue-generation; superfluous red left-turn arrows and other "wastes" such as the abundance of police officers available to serve traffic citations while none seem to be available for important issues like counter-terrorism; and incessant radio weather and traffic reports ("How many traffic reports have you listened to? Thousands. How many times have you actually changed your route based on a traffic report? That's right! Never!"). His impassioned criticisms and observational humor became a central characteristic of the show.

    During his time on Loveline, Carolla gradually drew an increasing fan base to the program. Carolla, on Loveline after earlier attempts at traditional stand-up comedy, eschewed traditional stand-up methods, such as scripted comedic "bits". Carolla has claimed that he has no "act", referring to himself as a "comedy factory, as opposed to a comedy warehouse", distinguishing himself from comics who prepare material. Carolla preferred to use his time on the airwaves—and the subject matter of Loveline as an inspirational springboard—to launch into comedic rants. Carolla's presentation of his views frequently fits the description of black comedy. While Carolla distinguishes himself as being self-educated, he frequently refers to his formal education in abysmal, self-deprecating terms. Carolla claims to have genuinely forgotten several of his own past jokes, insights and innovations that have caught on with fans, attributing his forgetfulness to his "no self-esteem".

    He did not return to the show, as he has often said Dr. Drew was offered three times the money he was. During his final shows on Loveline, the fanbase that he had cultivated was, in his own words, larger than he expected. Carolla often claimed that he had no idea of the effect he had on his audience, saying frequently that, among the small staff in the Loveline broadcast studio, "no one cares"; he repeatedly drew attention to the apathy of his co-workers—with extended, comedic complaints about the staff, including Pinsky (they both stated they had become very close during their work together). He repeated sentiments of fan appreciation on-air during his last few Loveline broadcasts, consciously breaking from his black-humor comedic tone to thank his fans in earnest, explaining that the opportunity for his own morning radio show similar to Howard Stern's was an opportunity he could not pass up.

    On May 13, 2009, Adam returned to Loveline as a guest. During a typical discourse with a caller that was giving short, unaccommodating responses, Carolla snapped jokingly "Oh, Jesus Christ, I don't miss this God-damn show one second!" Adam said being on Loveline was like "visiting your grandfather at the morgue".

    Since Loveline, Carolla has found much success in the entertainment business. Teaming up with his radio colleague Kimmel, Carolla helped write and starred in the successful comedy show, "The Man Show", which ran for four seasons with Kimmel and Carolla as hosts. Again teaming with Kimmel and a third partner Daniel Kellison, Jackhole Industries was formed and has been the powerhouse behind many comedic television shows - including the very successful "Crank Yankers" (featuring Carolla as "Birchum"). Carolla was also credited as a talented comedy writer for Kimmel's late night television show, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" from it's inception until May 2005.

    Carolla left his position as host on Loveline in November 2005 to pursue the position of a morning radio host in various west-coast markets. Later, he found success with a series of podcasts, which he currently records in his self-built studio.

    In his spare time, Adam races and collects classic cars and markets his wine and vodka beverage called Mangria.

  • Guest Host
    Dr. Bruce Heischober
    1995 - ? | 84 shows

    Dr. Bruce Heischober is a Board certified medical doctor specializing in emergency and internal medicine. Dr. Bruce often filled in for Dr. Drew when he was out "chasing a nickel", as Adam would put it. Adam often berated Dr. Bruce for not being clear and direct with his answers to callers. Bruce earned a nickname from Adam, "Dr. Spaz", and is the inspiration for the term "good lenses, bad frames" referring to a person who gives a bad first impression but is a good person or more competent than they appear to be.

    A lengthy discussion on "This Life with Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest" explored this and determined it was largely induced by Adam's overt bullying, as Bruce rarely has this issue when Adam isn't around. Bruce famously described Adam as an "narcissistic aspergerian" which other medical professionals have felt was pretty spot on.

    Dr. Bruce still has a relationship with Carolla and appears on Adam's podcast occasionally.

  • Guest Host
    Dr. John Bakaly
    1996 - 2001 | 5 shows

    Dr. John Bakaly has been in private practice in the West San Gabriel Valley for 30 years as both a licensed psychologist and a licensed marriage family therapist in the state of California.

  • Guest Host
    Dr. Marcel Daniels
    1996 - ? | 12 shows

    Dr. Marcel Daniels is an occasional fill-in doctor for Drew. He was one of Drew's roommates in medical school, and he specializes in plastic surgery. Whenever Marcel is filling in, Adam tries to steer the focus of the show towards plastic surgery questions.

  • Guest Host
    Brad Wright
    1997 - 1998 | 1 show

    Brad Wright joined KROQ-FM as an on-air personality in January of 1997. He is a music director and a film, television, commercial, and voice-over actor. Wright currently works for CBS Radio. Wright occasionally guest hosted loveline.

  • Guest Host
    Jimmy Kimmel
    1999 - 2002 | 5 shows

    Jimmy Kimmel is an American television host, comedian, writer, and producer. He was often a guest on the show and filled in for Adam Carolla as the Loveline co-host 5 times in 1999 and 2002.

    Kimmel was responsible for getting Adam his start in radio on the Kevin & Bean show. Adam and Jimmy became friends and partners, co-creating "The Man Show" and "Crank Yankers" for Comedy Central. He now hosts "Jimmy Kimmel Live" on ABC.

  • Engineer
    Anderson Cowan
    1999 - 2016

    Anderson Cowan is a radio engineer working for KROQ-FM in Los Angeles, CA, and was the main board engineer for Loveline since June 21, 1999 until its conclusion on April 28, 2016. Much more than a simple technician, Cowan is a colorful character in his own right, and sometimes chimed in on-air with his own commentary or expressed his opinion via audio drops. He was described as having an acerbic wit and a sometimes dark sense of humor. Besides Loveline, he hosts several podcasts such as The After Disaster, The Film Vault, and CinemAddicts. He also makes films under his company "Cold Cockle Productions."

    During his early years when Adam Carolla was the host, he spoke on-air very little, but was known for his impressive speed and timing at playing audio drops. Adam would sometimes test him by telling random anecdotes, with Anderson dropping in appropriate sound effects right on cue, without any sort of prep. Despite this admiration, there were hints the two did not get along on Loveline. When Anderson would speak, Adam would frequently berate him, which lead to a known audio drop of "Shut up Anderson! Just shut up and do buttons, will you please?!" After a guest show with Carolla one year after his 2005 departure, Cowan described him as "abusive."

    During the co-hostless time before Stryker joined the show, Anderson began to speak more on-air, particularly when Dr. Drew was alone with no guest. Much of his personality began to show during this time and he openly began expressing his opinions. When Stryker officially became co-host, he continued this practice.

    A recurring "bit" between Stryker and Anderson were various jokes about Stryker being homosexual and/or sexually attracted to Dr. Drew. Often this took the form of audio Drops of Stryker reading a call description or commenting on a caller's problem in the first-person, which were played out of context with humorous results. Stryker would act very upset or offended when this would happen and frantically deny being gay, but it's unclear he was truly being antagonized or simply playing along for comedic effect.

    Shortly after Stryker's famous unintentional "outting" of Lindsey Lohan (by asking her how long she and his long-time friend and mentor DJ Samantha Ronson had been "together"), he was talking about the incident when Anderson began dropping in recordings of Drew saying "You're a lesbian." Stryker, who'd gotten some backlash over the incident, angrily shouted "ANDERSON!" and warned him if he didn't stop it, Stryker would come in and break his sound-machine. Anderson, being Anderson, could not help himself, and played one last drop of Drew saying "You're a lesbian!" Stryker immediately then ran out of the studio into Anderson's booth, but not knowing how the machine worked, just smashed the keyboard. They later made amends over this confrontation and Anderson admitted he'd gone a little too far.

    When Psycho Mike joined the cast in early 2010, Anderson initially tried a similar bit as he had with Stryker. However unlike Stryker, Mike was completely unfazed by such remarks and almost seemed to be encouraging it. Naturally, this led to Anderson dropping that schtick very quickly. Anderson has said on the After Disaster that he has great respect for Mike, and there relationship is very good off the air. On air they usually get along, with Anderson often heard laughing at Mike's witty references, but they occasionally argue over content, with Mike being rather stubborn or even rude, such implying he is Anderson's "boss." For example, they had a brief disagreement over playing the ding sound when a caller said "basically," with Mike being very insistent about keeping the bit going while Anderson found it tiresome, unfunny and detracted from his ability to keep operating the board (the latter everyone generally agreed with). Eventually Anderson sorted things out by buying Mike a small desk bell to keep by his microphone so that Mike himself could be responsible for the bit. After Mike's departure from the show in March 2016, Anderson admitted Mike's increasing self-importance and disregard for anyone else's feelings had really started to grate on him, and while he was sad to see him go, it might have been for the best.

  • Phone Screener
    Damion Stephens
    2000 - 2002

    Damion Stephens worked from Loveline from 2000 to 2002.

  • Guest Host
    Howie Mandel
    2001 - 2001 | 1 show

    Howie Mandel is a Canadian comedian, actor, television host, and voice-over actor. He's well known for being the host of NBC's game show "Deal or No Deal", a judge on "America's Got Talent", and as the creator and star of the cartoon, "Bobby's World". Mandel also has mysophobia (an irrational fear of germs), to the point that he does not shake hands with anyone unless wearing latex gloves.

    Mandel filled in for Adam as host of Loveline on Thursday, May 17, 2001.

  • Phone Screener
    2001 - 2003

    Often quoted on Loveline for saying "It’s Tara, not Tar-ah!" when correcting Adam on the pronunciation of her name.

    The earliest mention of Tara during a show is on May 31, 2001. Her last night as a call-screener on Loveline was November 30, 2003.

  • Guest Host
    Dr. Ohad Ben-Yehuda
    2001 - 2004 | 7 shows

    Dr. Ben-Yehuda is an OB/GYN and is an alumnus of UCLA's Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology. He was an occasional stand-in for Drew when he was sick or traveling.

  • Guest Host
    Dr. Reef Karim
    2002 - 2002 | 1 show

    Dr. Reef Karim is a psychiatrist and addiction medicine specialist, as well as a relationship therapist, writer, host, and television personality. He was the fill-in doctor on Loveline once, during the June 30, 2002 show. He introduced himself as a friend of Drew.

  • Phone Screener
    Bryan Bishop
    2002 - 2005

    In May 2002, Bryan Bishop began working with Adam Carolla on the radio show Loveline as a call screener. He was fired on June 2, 2005, after blogging inside details of the show.

    On January 2, 2006, Bishop began working on The Adam Carolla Show as a call screener. On May 4, 2006, Bishop filled in for Mike Lynch, the show's sound effects person, while Lynch was getting married. When Lynch was promoted to writer, Bishop became the show's permanent sound effects person and the call screener position was filled by Kyle Baugher. LAist described Bryan as "a sound-effects wizard, and ultra quick-witted third-man".

  • Guest Host
    David Alan Grier
    2002 - 2006 | 8 shows

    David Alan Grier, also known as "DAG", is an American actor and comedian. He is best known for his work on the sketch comedy television show In Living Color.

    He was often referred to as the third host of the radio show Loveline, as he was a frequent guest and guest host (usually filling in for Adam Carolla). One of his most famous contributions was a bit where he began calling out various pharmaceutical drugs Dr. Drew was recommending to a caller as though they were the names of black children being yelled at by their parents. The episode aired on September 7, 2005, towards the end of the show.

    “Ethinyl, Estradiol, Norethindrone y'all get in the house! And where is Levonorgestrel!?”

    In another notable episode - that of September 25, 2002 - Grier stopped by to lament his recent breakup with his girlfriend of four years. He had just found out she had been cheating on him with several famous actors; he coughed while saying the names to avoid legal difficulties. During the show Engineer Anderson slowed down the recording and played it back, and the listeners were able to discern the names Tom Sizemore, Colin Farrell, and Cuba Gooding Jr.

    Grier's supposed last appearance on Loveline was April 16, 2006. On his MySpace page, Grier posted:

    “To all of my loyal fans. It pains me greatly to inform you all that I will probably never be heard on the radio show Loveline again. I have been informed of this sad fact by the one and only Dr. Drew Pinsky. I know not how or why this has happened, but we must ALL move on...”

    On March 3, 2009, Grier was a guest on The Adam Carolla Podcast. He explained that the reason he was not asked back on Loveline was that the producers of the show did not want him back on despite Dr. Drew pressing for him to continue to be a guest. While Dr. Drew was not open with him about this at the beginning, Grier felt no resentment toward him and Dr. Drew has since apologized for what happened. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Drew explained what had happened on Loveline and expressed his intent to petition the producers for Grier to return. On August 10, 2009, after a gap of over three years, Grier was once again on Loveline, joining former host Adam Carolla and Dr. Bruce Heischober.

  • Producer
    Junior Producer Lauren
    2002 - 2007

    Lauren worked for Loveline from 2002 to December 20, 2007. She was a frequent victim of on-air abuse by Adam Carolla, who often referred to her as Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr. Producer Lauren.

  • Guest Host
    Dr. Michael
    2003 - 2003 | 3 shows


  • Engineer
    Engineer Michelle
    2003 - 2005

    Michelle worked for Loveline 2-3 days a week from 2003 to November 2005. She left to work with Adam on "The Adam Carolla Show".

  • Engineer
    Chris Perez
    2003 - 2005

    Chris Perez worked for Loveline from 2003 to 2005. He was a 27-year-old junior college student who worked 15 hours a week at $10.50 an hour while living in his mother's house.

  • Guest Host
    Dr. Bruce Hensel
    2004 - 2004 | 1 show

    Hensel was a guest and fill-in doctor on Loveline. He has been on Loveline twice, first on June 15, 2004 as a guest promoting a showtime movie called The Opposite Sex, and second as a fill-in doctor for Drew on the June 29, 2004 broadcast. He is not to be confused with Dr. Bruce Heischober, who frequently sat in for Drew Pinsky and was called also Dr. Bruce by Adam.

    Dr. Bruce is a medical, health, and science reporter for KNBC, a television station in Los Angeles. He had previously acted in Death Wish 4: The Crackdown and the 1980s TV soap opera Capitol.

  • Guest Host
    Nicole Alvarez
    2004 - 2004 | 1 show

    Nicole Alvarez is a regular DJ on Loveline's mother-station, KROQ. She has filled in for Adam on Loveline once in the past, during the July 7, 2004 broadcast. Adam wasn't able to make it to the show due to a hernia surgery. Nicole is better known as the most prominent pre-show DJ since Stryker stepped down in late 2004.

  • Guest Host
    Dr. Gary Alter
    2004 - 2004 | 3 shows

    Dr. Gary Alter specializes in sex change operations, gender reassigment, female genital surgery, labioplasty, and penis scrotal surgery. He was known on Loveline as "Dr. Whack 'n' Sack" and "Dr. Alter-men". Alter filled in for Dr. Drew on Loveline in 2004.

  • Phone Screener
    2005 - ?

    Patricia joined the show on May 24, 2005.

  • Guest Host
    Danny Bonaduce
    2006 - 2006 | 6 shows

    Danny Bonaduce is an American radio/television personality, comedian, professional wrestler, and former child actor. The younger Bonaduce became famous as a child actor of the 1970s on the TV sitcom The Partridge Family. Since then, Bonaduce has starred in several other TV series, including the VH1 reality show Breaking Bonaduce in 2005, radio shows in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and has been performing a morning talk/music show at Seattle radio station KZOK-FM since November 14, 2011.

    In March 2016, KROQ announced that Danny Bonaduce would become Dr. Drew Pinsky's permanent new co-host on "Loveline". Since Adam Carolla left the show, Pinsky had invited a myriad of unfit guests, including Andy Milonakis, to help answer calls about sex, drugs, and abuse.

  • Host
    Ted Stryker
    2006 - 2009 | 40 shows

    Ted Stryker, known on-air as simply "Stryker", is an American radio personality and disc jockey.

    After the departure of Adam Carolla, who left to host his own morning radio show, Stryker took over as co-host of Loveline the following summer, on July 23, 2006. He would later admit on the air that he'd never actually listened to Loveline before he got hired.

    As a host of the show, Stryker was almost the polar opposite of his predecessor: energetic, enthusiastic, and kind, but seemingly naive and also extremely private about his childhood and personal life. His real name and age were never mentioned once on air, and he would carefully avoid talking about his upbringing or anyone he was dating. He had a handful of quirks, such as being able to spell and pronounce people's names backwards on the fly and formulate palindromes, as well as being mildly mysophobic. He revealed during several interviews that he was born with a vestigial "tail," consisting of a short protrusion of his coccyx (tail bone) from his lower back. He often joked he had sufficient muscle control over it to make it "wiggle," which seemed to freak Dr. Drew out.

    A recurring "bit" between Stryker and Anderson were various jokes about Stryker being homosexual and/or sexually attracted to Dr. Drew. Often this took the form of audio Drops of Stryker reading a call description or commenting on a caller's problem in the first-person, which were played out of context with humorous results. Stryker would act very upset or offended when this would happen and frantically deny being gay, but it's unclear he was truly being antagonized or simply playing along for the show's sake.

    During the September 21, 2008 episode of Loveline, both DJ Samantha Ronson and actress Lindsay Lohan spoke to Stryker regarding the plane crash involving DJ AM and Travis Barker. During the conversation, Stryker casually asked Lohan how long she and Ronson had been together, to which Lohan confessed that they had been in a relationship for "a very long time". Despite obvious evidence before this incident, this remark unintentionally became what is widely regarded as Lohan officially 'coming out'.

    This incident eventually led to a minor confrontation one day while Stryker was talking about it. As a joke, Anderson began dropping in recordings of Drew saying "You're a lesbian." Stryker, who'd gotten some backlash over the incident, angrily shouted "ANDERSON!" and warned him if he didn't stop it, Stryker would come in and break his sound-machine. Anderson, being Anderson, could not help himself, and played one last drop of Drew saying "You're a lesbian!" Stryker immediately then ran out of the studio into Anderson's booth, but not knowing how the machine worked, just smashed the keyboard. They later made amends over this confrontation and Anderson admitted he'd gone a little too far.

    On February 3, 2009, Stryker announced on Loveline that he would be serving as a Dean for the 3rd season of VH-1's Charm School along with "LaLa" Vasquez and Ricki Lake. Coincidentally, he will be replacing Riki Rachtman, who also hosted Loveline from 1990-1995.

    On April 22, 2009, Stryker announced his departure from Loveline per Westwood One. Ann Wilkins-Ingold briefly explained on the air that Stryker would be greatly missed, and the decision was solely based on Westwood One's unfortunate need to "tighten its financial belt." Stryker was sad to leave, but upbeat during his announcement. He mentioned he would be back from time to time.

  • Phone Screener / Webmaster
    Tyler "Petey" White
    2006 - 2012

    Tyler White was Loveline's former official webmaster and technical specialist. He did much of the work maintaining and also acted as the primary operator of the show's Facebook page and the show's Twitter account. While no longer working for Loveline, he acts as Board Op for the After Disaster podcast.

    Tyler originally started as a phone screener for Loveline during Stryker's tenure, answering the phone and forwarding descriptions of caller's questions the hosts on air. During this time he was called "Petey" by Stryker and later Dr. Drew because Stryker initially found it difficult to remember Tyler's real name. Tyler described his call-screening methods on Reddit:

    I screened calls for two years on the show. We prefer outrageous calls - makes the screener's job way easier! A DP call will always beat out a question about "the pill." We do much more weeding out of overly medical, boring, or clearly fake calls. The only way we wouldn't take an "outrageous" call is if it had to do with a murder or some other heinous/illegal act.

    While working this job, he also assisted Anderson with producing and filming the shows first video segments for posting on the internet. His first time speaking on air was when Drew expressed annoyance that the calls being put through were almost entirely salacious. Tyler was called into the studio, where he revealed that Stryker had been secretly pressuring him to do so.

    Tyler eventually left the position as a phone op and returned as the show's webmaster, where he worked for several years. He maintained the show's online presence through multiple channels, and also handled much of the video editing involved with online videos. In late 2012, he resigned from Loveline's staff to work for a new company (CBS "Late Late Show" social media) that has regular daytime hours, though he still comes back to participate in the After Disaster.

  • Phone Screener
    2008 - 2010

    Gouda's last Loveline show was on August 6, 2010.

  • Behind the Scenes Guy
    2009 - 2009 | 1 show

    Trevor is Junior Producer Lauren's husband and a "behind the scenes" guy at KROQ.

  • Guest Host
    Rob Schneider
    2009 - 2010 | 5 shows

    Rob Schneider is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and director. A stand-up comic and veteran of the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, he went on to a successful career in feature films, including starring roles in the comedy films Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, The Hot Chick, The Benchwarmers, and Grown Ups.

  • Phone Screener
    Krista Carnegie
    2010 - 2014

    Krista Carnegie was the primary phone-screener at Loveline, starting in July 2010. She was notable for being very attractive and athletic, having really bad spelling, and speaking with an elongated high rising terminal, the latter two often drawing good-natured mockery from Mike, Anderson, and Tyler. Mike in particular often drew attention to her bad spelling on the air when reading her entries from the phone system, with goofs often being names or locations, such as spelling Newport Beach, CA as "New Port Beech." Her boyfriend is Dave "The King of Mexico" Sanchez, a producer for the Kevin and Bean Show.

    Krista and Psycho Mike had an ongoing "rivalry" of sorts, often criticizing each other's behavior "on the job" as it were, to the point some fans took sides. Besides her terrible spelling, Krista was caught repeatedly falling asleep in her booth while the show was on the air or leaving the booth altogether, often resulting in there being no calls to take. On the other hand, Mike frequently antagonized her by deliberately farting in the booth (forcing her to leave) or making horrifically lascivious remarks to or about her in the studio.

    Krista's last day working for Loveline was February 13, 2014, when she left to pursue her primary career. Later that night on the After Disaster, Anderson stated had it been up to him, he would have fired her over a year ago. His stated reasons for this were not only her tendency to sleep on the job, which resulted in there being no calls to answer, but her often abusive attitude toward him and Ann.

  • Guest Host
    Trina Dolenz
    2010 - 2016

    Trina Dolenz is a British couples therapist and media personality. She was host of Tool Academy and currently maintains a private practice. She was an occasional volunteer co-host of Loveline.

  • Host
    Mike Catherwood
    2010 - 2016

    Mike Catherwood, also known as Psycho Mike, is an American radio personality. He is known primarily for his work at KROQ-FM on Kevin and Bean and most recently as the co-host of Loveline.

    On March 21, 2010, he was permanently hired as the co-host of Loveline, with physician host Drew Pinsky. Catherwood frequently drew on his own past experience as a drug addict to educate and confront callers on the subject of substance abuse.

    On March 17, 2016, Catherwood announced on Loveline that he would be resigning as host in two weeks, citing the need for more time to spend with his daughter in light of all the time he was spending with several current and future projects in television and other media. His final broadcast was on March 31, 2016. He stated he will continue to co-host with Dr. Drew on their daytime show, Dr. Drew Midday Live with Mike Catherwood on KABC-AM.

  • Phone Screener
    2010 - ?

    Sadie was a call screener on Loveline. She was one of several screeners that rotate the duties on certain days, answering callers before they are ever heard on the air and weeding out prank calls, wrong numbers, hang-ups and uninteresting subjects.

    Sadie was especially notable among Loveline call screeners due to the fact that she was heavily tattooed (her boyfriend is a tattoo artist), talked in a very high-pitched "little girl" voice, and had atrocious spelling. Mike often berated her for misspelling simple words in her text descriptions of the calls.

    Another factor is that she seemed to forward a disproportionately high number of "difficult" callers, such as those that are argumentative, do not listen or appear to be brain damaged due to how unresponsive they are to questions. A large number of bogus calls seemed to get by her as well, many of them quite obvious. It is not clear if she did any of this because she is inept, or did it deliberately to make the show more "interesting."

  • Host
    Simone Bienne
    2011 - 2012

    Simone Bienne is a British psychosexual and relationship therapist who joined the cast of Loveline from October 2011 to November 2012.

    Simone started on Loveline in October 2011 to be a third host, one of many changes that occurred during the Courtside Entertainment Group shift. Many fans were pleased to have a female perspective added to the show on a full time basis, given that half of the callers are and issues on the show are female, yet the full time co-hosts had been all male up to that point. Simone also added a certain element of sensitivity and tact, which acted as a foil to Dr. Drew's very technical, matter-of-fact approach that sometimes went over caller's heads. On the other hand, some fans were annoyed by her occasional tendency to quote flawed studies or repeat discredited pop-psych theories that seem to have been taken from popular women's magazines.

    Because Simone was hired during a major format change that included several unpopular alterations to the show, a few fans fell prey to a cum hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy (Latin for "occurring with this, therefore occurring because of this"), wherein they incorrectly blamed her for the changes, though ultimately they made up only a small minority of the listenership when compared with the actual number of Loveline listeners. In a podcast many years later, Simone and Drew both stated that the social media response was quite normal and that haters are always part of such things, so it had no real effect on the show.

    Simone departed from the show November 9, 2012. No official explanation was given, but on the Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest podcast "This Life" (episode #22), Simone clarified that she was fired rather abruptly by Norman Pattiz, Courtside's founder and chairman, who was the same person who had hired her. While neither Drew nor Simone knew explicitly why, both believed the reason was financial in nature. Drew and Simone remained friendly after Loveline and have worked on several other projects together.

  • Webmaster / Video Director
    Rhune Kincaid
    2012 - 2015

    Rhune Kincaid was Loveline's webmaster and video director from July 2012 to March 2015. He was the primary operator of the show's facebook page, twitter account, and other online media outlets. As video director, he handled the live video stream of the show via Ustream, including switching and operating the cameras during live broadcasts. He also produced and filmed various humorous videos for the show's site, such as Loveline High Five and highlights of the show with added effects.

    Rhune is a also a singer/songwriter and stand-up comedian, and primarily does musical comedy. His works include Coppin’ a Feel, iPhone, Hetero-Strike, and Not-So-Great Depression. He also hosts an independent podcast, The Pretty Oddcast, with phone-screener Lindsey.

    In early March 2015, shortly after Loveline moved to a new studio that did not have video streaming capability, Rhune was abruptly let go from the Loveline team. Not surprisingly, without him all social media and website activity for the show ground to a halt, with many fans uncertain what had happened and unable to get up to date information about the show. As of this writing only the PodcastOne feed and twitter remain up to date.

  • Host
    Emily Morse
    2012 - 2016 | 1 show

    Emily Morse is an American sex therapist, author, and media personality. In 2012, Morse began a four-year run as guest co-host on Loveline.

  • Phone Screener
    Lindsey Kay Floyd
    2014 - 2016

    Lindsey Kay Floyd was a phone screener at Loveline. A polar opposite of her predecessor, Krista, callers have complimented her on air for being kind and understanding to them. She worked for Loveline from January 2014 all the way to the very last show in 2016.

    Mike and Drew interviewed her several times on their podcast, talking about her "nerdier" interests such as renaissance fairs and gaming. Due to Mike and Drew's "jock" type personalities, they seemed utterly bewildered by these activities.

    In 2014, Lindsey and Rhune started their own podcast, The Pretty Oddcast, where the two of them participate in "odd" or "fringe" subcultures and talk about their experiences. The first episode featured them participating in a LARP, which had been discussed in the aforementioned interview. This led to Mike mistakenly referring to her as a "LARPer" on air, even though she only did it once for the show.

  • Guest Host
    Dr. Robert Rey
    2016 - 2016 | 1 show

    Dr. Robert Rey is a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills.

  • Host
    Amber Rose
    2016 - ?

    Amber Rose is an American model and actress.

    On September 8, 2016, Rose began hosting Loveline and is now the current host of the Loveline podcast.

  • Host
    Chris Donaghue
    2016 - ?

    Chris Donaghue is a social worker and sex therapist, and one of the current hosts of the Loveline reboot podcast. He is a contributor to several websites and media outlets on the subject of human sexuality, and is the author of the controversial book Sex Outside the Lines.

    Unlike previous Loveline expert hosts who are medical doctors (MD) such as Dr. Drew or Dr. Bruce, Donaghue is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), with a state-issued license to practice in the state of California.