↳  stages
 ↳  problems
 ↳  abuse
 ↳  orientation
 ↳  alternative lifestyles
 ↳  activities
 ↳  contraception
 ↳  medical conditions
 ↳  medication
 ↳  problem with parents
 ↳  abuse
 ↳  eating disorders
 ↳  personality disorders
 ↳  Cluster A (odd or eccentric disorders)
 ↳  Cluster B (dramatic, emotional, or erratic disorders)
 ↳  Cluster C (anxious or fearful disorders)
 ↳  medication
 ↳  drug abuse
 ↳  stimulants
 ↳  depressants
 ↳  hallucinogens
 ↳  opiates
 ↳  treatment
 ↳  Loveline games
 ↳  Loveline references
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