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Caller Name:
Wednesday, February 6, 2002
GUEST: Eddie Cheever & Felipe Giaffone • HOST: Adam, Dr. Bruce
3.59 (14 votes)
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Radio Station: 94.7 KNRK
Length: 1:32:08
Size: 127 MB
Rates: 192 kbps / 44.100 kHz / stereo
Recorded By: ?
Transferred By: Giovanni
Uploaded By: unclepenny on January 15, 2011
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Time Duration Call
32:50 3:20
Lia, F, 16
Cannot fully connect to guys she dates because she fears of being connected and intimacy. Continual but when a girls become less attractive.
parenting/issues with children, abusive/absent father, dating, codependency, repetition compulsion, separation/divorce
Comments (6)
Thursday, 7/24/2014 at 2:59 PM EDT
This episode was pretty good but it killed my productivity at work. I kept looking up videos of Indy cars or dragsters and getting sidetracked on youtube.
Monday, 9/2/2013 at 5:36 PM EDT
I am not a huge racing fan, but I found this one interesting none the less. Adam is on his game as usual.
Tuesday, 12/4/2012 at 2:05 AM EST
Prety good episode
Wednesday, 11/28/2012 at 7:03 PM EST
An interesting tidbit amidst the racing jackoff session: Adam says Drew and him signed a new three-year deal the previous day.
Thursday, 12/29/2011 at 1:14 PM EST
Definitely a show for racing enthusiasts, much to Anderson's (and probably Producer Ann's) dismay.
Monday, 7/18/2011 at 10:08 AM EDT
Give a listen if you're into racing- most of the episode is spent as a back and forth between Adam and Eddie Cheever. Felipe talks much less- but has decent English. If you aren't a fan you may be frustrated.

Also many of the calls are racing fans with questions as well. (Probably Adam has his way with selecting calls since Dr. Bruce is in, not sure though)
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