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Caller Name:
Tuesday, May 8, 2001
GUEST: Run DMC • HOST: Adam, Dr. Drew
3.83 (14 votes)
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Radio Station: 100.5 KZZO The Zone
Length: 1:26:31
Size: 40 MB
Rates: 64 kbps / 44.100 kHz / mono
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Uploaded By: unclepenny on October 23, 2009
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Comments (10)
Friday, 3/17/2017 at 11:58 AM EDT
You can really feel Drew's irritation at young dumb dudes when he smoothly refers to "15 year old jackoffs." Lol as I'm approaching 40 I get his mindset.
Sunday, 11/13/2016 at 4:48 AM EST
Adam: What do you do?
Caller: I'm an area supervisor
Adam: I you just supervise a certain area?
Caller: Yeah
Adam: Like, of the ground?
Thursday, 6/23/2016 at 6:10 PM EDT
Haha, the way he rips on the guy that calls in about his "turtle" penis, is classic! His radio math, or, "so you just a supervise a certain area?" Love it!!
Friday, 6/12/2015 at 10:34 AM EDT
RIP Jam Master Jay. It's eerie to hear his voice. Never knew he was a loveline guest but he was good. The girl who wanted the hymen restoration had waaaaay to much energy and Adam and Drew should have gone deeper with her but they let it slide.
Sunday, 4/13/2014 at 2:46 PM EDT
Trevor/Drunk Marcus (going by Damon) gets busted for a bogus call starting at 0:19:45. He gets back on the air very shortly, as Jeremy at 0:42:45, with a question about pubic hair loss.

The infamous "ballpeen hammer" caller on 2005-03-17 probably holds the record with two bogus in under 20 minutes.
Wednesday, 3/26/2014 at 12:48 AM EDT
it's not fair! 00:42:43
Tuesday, 12/31/2013 at 7:41 PM EST
Jam master Jay from DMC joins the show at 45 min mark. Its kind of eerie listening to it knowing he died just an year later
Thursday, 6/13/2013 at 8:40 PM EDT
45:10 Loveline fastest growing radio show in north america!!!!!!
Saturday, 3/9/2013 at 4:02 AM EST
Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmel's best friend and long time partner, states that Jimmy's goal in life is to win a Soul Train Music Award at 1:05:01
Monday, 3/26/2012 at 12:30 PM EDT
At the start of the show Adam rants about manhole covers with lane stripes painted on them not being put back with the stripes in the right direction.

He did rants about this on ACS and in his live stand-up shows in recent years but this is probably the first time he publicly ranted about it.
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