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Caller Name:
Tuesday, May 6, 2003
GUEST: no guest • HOST: Adam, Dr. Drew
3.71 (17 votes)
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Call Listing (18)
Time Duration Call
4:12 3:00
James, M, 23
A month ago he got three piercings in his penis. One of them is still irritated and he feels concerned.
8:45 4:30
Chris, M
Doesn't really feel much when he has sex with his new girlfriend. Could she be "beat up" from having a lot of partners in the past?
14:01 8:00
Catherine, F, 21
Got raped by her stepbrother. She isn't sure if she took birth control correctly. Doesn't want to tell anyone about the incident.
rape/molestation, negligence, morning-after pill/emergency contraception, birth control
23:27 5:00
Diane, F, 32
She was briefly involved with scientology. Sounds a bit nutty.
addiction, comment for host, marijuana/pot/weed
29:05 4:00
Desiree, F, 19
Can't reach orgasm when she's having sex with her boyfriend.
masturbation, orgasm difficulties, oral sex
38:27 3:30
Molly, F, 25
Husband likes to play with her nipples during sex, can that cause cancer? Her job is to test drive cars which she talks about a little.
other sexual activities
41:55 3:00
Derek, M, 16
His schoolmates doused his lunch crackers in spit and now he wants revenge.
45:41 4:30
Chris, M, 19
Smokes a ton of weed every day and is having problems now.
addiction, comment for host, marijuana/pot/weed
51:45 5:00
Brenda, F, 28
Fantasizes about women when she's having sex with her husband (who is depressed). The marriage seems to be crumbling.
depression, marriage
56:41 4:00
Omar, M, 26
Thinking about getting a circumcision, might he be too old for the procedure? How soon after he can have sex again?
1:00:41 4:00
Amber, F, 23
Tends to pick bad guys and get too involved. She is depressed and has abandonment issues, needs therapy.
depression, emotional abuse by parent, negligence, abusive/absent father, abusive/absent mother, dating
1:04:44 1:30
Kyle, M, 17
Is getting drug tested because he's joining the Marine Corps. How long does Ecstasy stay in the system?
1:07:22 3:00
Scott, M, 29
Her girlfriend ejaculated when he was going down on her. They're not sure if it was pee or not.
female ejaculation, oral sex
1:10:49 1:30
Cathy, F, 19
Recently switched to Ortho-Novum and got her period. Condom broke when she was having sex with her boyfriend. What's the best thing to do?
morning-after pill/emergency contraception, birth control
1:12:58 6:00
Victoria, F, 18
Got dumped by her boyfriend who had a big penis. Thinks she won't enjoy sex with guys who have a smaller one.
getting over someone, friendship
1:18:53 6:30
Sarah, F, 17
Got loaded and had sex with a female friend. Doesn't remember it herself. Thinks she might have an STD.
alcohol, other sexual activities, friendship
1:25:45 3:00
Erica, F, 19
How heavily does huffing damage the brain? She huffs out of boredom and it makes her hallucinate.
other drugs
1:28:50 2:30
Janae, F
Has sexual fantasies about older men, even her dad. She's become very active sexually and has a weird rash. Totally bogus.
sex drive/libido, bogus call
Comments (5)
Monday, 4/10/2017 at 11:38 AM EDT
Standard no guest show. Drew's hernia surgery is coming up so there's some discussion about the procedure. Guatemalan caller Omar says he wants to get circumcised and Adam says it's not surprising that someone named Omar isn't circumcised. They talk about how men with certain foreign names rarely are.

Added every call.
Friday, 12/30/2016 at 8:03 AM EST
A very random assortment of callers, decent episode.
Friday, 5/30/2014 at 1:33 PM EDT
The last call is a classic. Total bogus cuz they hear whispering. Girls at a slumber party and Adam plays along
Saturday, 8/31/2013 at 8:47 AM EDT
Adam: "Just relax, don't worry about these things. It's allll gonna pass."

Victoria: "I hope so."

Adam: "No I mean life. We'll all be in the ground soon. You hang out with your friends. You got good friends?"

Victoria: "No not really."

Adam: "Great! That's all you need......did she say no?"

Drew: "Yeah."

Adam: "Oh, I was really heading a direction there with the friends. Everybody's gotta get great friends. That's alll you got. Here's all you got, here's all you got in life, here's all you got Drew. All you got is your family. Your mom, your dad, your sisters and brothers, and then if you have kids, and a wife, and then you know boss, employees, aunts, uncles, second cousins, neighbors, people you work with, coworkers, bosses, people under you, people over you, and then there's strangers, let's face it, guy at the coffee shop, guy at the market, deli counter, and your friends. That's alll you got. All you got is those people that I mentioned in front of the friends, and your friends, and yourself. I guess you have to count yourself. Ok, and the gas man, Sparkletts guy, whoever comes over to the house, and then there's pets, and the guy who takes care of the pets too, the Vet, then ancillary stuff like the gardener, pool man, dentist, professionals, attorneys, agent, manager, engineers, phones screeners, producers.....and your friends. That's alll you got. Those people and your friends. And that's it. Those people. Those 30-35,000 people....and your friends. That's it."
Tuesday, 7/3/2012 at 10:45 AM EDT
A rare mistake by Dr. Drew. He says an Optometrist isn't a doctor, but a guy who makes glasses and that an eye doctor is called an Opthamologist. They're both doctors and Optometrists don't make glasses.
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