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Caller Name:
Wednesday, February 20, 2002
GUEST: no guest • HOST: Adam, Dr. Drew
Show Summary Chief Thunderbear, PSA's
4.17 (48 votes)
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Length: 1:31:43
Size: 21 MB
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Uploaded By: Giovanni on September 2, 2009
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Call Listing (12)
Time Duration Call
5:13 2:49
Chris, M, 18
Wondering what other types of birth control there are other than a condom and the pill.
condoms, birth control
8:34 3:34
David, M, 17
Compliments Adam a lot and says dude a lot. Then asks about a "ball" that appeared in his ball sack.
31:44 1:16
John, M, 13
Gets made fun of by Adam. Calls Adam a prick before he even asks a question, then hangs up.
46:42 4:10
Adrian, F, 19
Feels depressed and has nightmares, and it affects her schoolwork too. Gets counseling, but doesn't seem to work. Meds don't work either.
50:56 1:35
Mike, M, 18
Had his lip pierced and then drank beer, which he think caused a yeast infection.
53:45 5:21
Mike, M, 20
Thinks he may have cancer. Now is taking pain meds, but has side effects. Wondering if he should try Marijuana
marijuana/pot/weed, other drugs
59:09 1:42
David, M, 15
Wondering if bending your penis while it's erect can hurt you.
1:01:18 2:24
Anna, F, 20
Wondering when the line is crossed between being moody and having a personality disorder.
dissociative identity/multiple personality disorder
1:12:59 2:36
Drew, M, 24
Has a hair condition (patches of hair loss brought on by stress). Wants to know if it'll grow back.
1:15:37 2:16
Greg, M, 24
Says he poops 3-5 times a day. It's been going on for a month now. Wants to know if there's something wrong with him.
1:19:58 5:53
Heather, F, 23
Says she can only orgasm when she is high. It may be because she is more comfortable.
orgasm difficulties
1:26:25 4:31
Ashley, F, 21
Sex life with husband has diminished. She has no sex drive. Not sure why.
sex drive/libido
Comments (13)
Monday, 5/1/2017 at 4:28 PM EDT
"I'm going to stay out of trouble".
Ha what a puss
Wednesday, 7/8/2015 at 3:08 AM EDT
The children gun violence PSA is perfect with the gunfire in the background from Anderson, this is also the very first time that Drew hears this PSA, which is rarely played and I really love how disgusted Drew is with his multiple "Oh My GOD" reactions, Priceless.
Sunday, 4/27/2014 at 11:01 PM EDT
Fantastic episode. Adam's rants on the PSAs always crack me up. The kid calling Adam a prick was classic, as was the (attempted) mason jar call.
Thursday, 9/19/2013 at 9:28 PM EDT
Proto version of Chief Thunderbear. possibly the first instance. the words "chief thunderbear" are not spoken and he doesn't claim to be a gynecologist. nor does drew participate with translation like usual.

see call at 1:12:59 Drew M. 24.
Wednesday, 6/5/2013 at 9:54 PM EDT
Monday, 3/4/2013 at 4:10 AM EST
when Adam and the kid keep saying boner for a few seconds, that was pretty funny. all the Native American jibberish is in top form too.
Wednesday, 12/12/2012 at 1:20 AM EST
Monday, 10/15/2012 at 1:14 PM EDT
I love it when Ace likens the callers to families of raccoons.
Thursday, 10/11/2012 at 7:10 AM EDT

Wednesday, 7/4/2012 at 6:45 AM EDT
This is the first time Adam does the 'native indian' language, although he doesn't call it Thunderbear yet.
Sunday, 5/13/2012 at 9:05 AM EDT
This is the first time Adam and Drew hear the PSA's about underage drinking (with the "teens" who are actually two guys in their 40's) and about how many children die each year by guns.

"Hey Johnny, what are you doing after the game?" "Not drinking, that's for goddamn sure."

They end up talking about these PSA's for years on this show.
Friday, 3/9/2012 at 6:05 PM EST
Great episode. A lot of ridiculous callers, especially in the first half of the show. About 30 minutes in a kid gets pissed at Adam for making fun of his voice and he yells, "I'm 13 and I'm going thru puberty, you prick!" and hangs up. Hilarious.
Chief Thunderbear, PSA's
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