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Tuesday, December 29, 1998
GUEST: Orgy • HOST: Adam, Dr. Drew
Guest Info Orgy is an American synth rock band formed in 1996, from Los Angeles, California. Orgy described their music as "death pop".
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Radio Station: 94.7 KNRK
Length: 1:33:18
Size: 85 MB
Rates: 128 kbps / 44.100 kHz / stereo
Recorded By: JBJ
Transferred By: Giovanni
Uploaded By: Giovanni on July 26, 2009
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1:32:43 94.7 KNRK JBJ
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Amir Derakh & Jay Gordon
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Comments (7)
Monday, 5/15/2017 at 7:32 PM EDT
drew was talkin about his daughter ice skating. adam says she must have an eating disorder. fast forward into the future....
Mar 1, 2014 - Paulina Pinsky, the daughter of Dr. Drew Pinsky, tells PEOPLE that her recent disclosure about her years-long battle with anorexia and bulimia...
Friday, 2/28/2014 at 7:20 PM EST
Drew totally wins gambling in this one. Interesting calls, good guests.
Wednesday, 10/16/2013 at 5:44 PM EDT
Hat trick for Drew!
Monday, 4/29/2013 at 12:56 AM EDT
Their* whoa a rare grammar mistake by me. Sorry I let everyone down lol
Monday, 4/29/2013 at 12:55 AM EDT
Gotta say I'm kinda a fan of orgy. Explaining to someone that I listen to a band called orgy is always interesting though. These guys split on kind of bad terms but its nice to see them here. There song inside my head brings me so much 90s nostalgia despite it coming out in 04. Orgy is just so 90s man! There were also some interesting calls. Blue Monday and fetisha are played
Sunday, 9/18/2011 at 11:25 PM EDT
Anderson started right after the 1999 Pennywise debacle.

Adam and Engineer Mike were drinking buddies, so Adam had carte blanche with the shutting off of the mic. Adam and Anderson had a love/hate thing; I'm not sure Adam ever even asked for Drew's mic to be shut off (he knew what the answer would be).
Sunday, 9/18/2011 at 2:20 PM EDT
When does Anderson start?

At least there's less "Shut Drew's mic off!" going on with him around...
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