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Caller Name:
Wednesday, December 16, 1998
GUEST: John Fugelsang • HOST: Adam, Dr. Drew
Guest Info John Fugelsang is an American actor, television personality and stand-up comedian.
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Radio Station: 92.1 KFMA
Length: 1:35:24
Size: 44 MB
Rates: 64 kbps / 44.100 kHz / stereo
Recorded By: TOBYDOG
Transferred By: Giovanni
Uploaded By: unclepenny on July 26, 2009
Views: 39,732
Downloads: 245
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Comments (9)
Sunday, 3/13/2016 at 5:22 PM EDT
Psycho caller Sam "The Hammer" at 17:15
Saturday, 9/26/2015 at 9:55 PM EDT
Does anyone have this episode? Can someone share it? It's only a minute long now when you download it here!
Sunday, 11/4/2012 at 1:11 AM EDT
The Hammer.
Thursday, 11/1/2012 at 12:58 AM EDT
I think the call people are mentioning around 20 minutes starts at about minute 17
Friday, 1/20/2012 at 2:58 PM EST
Oh my god. The call around 20 minutes is unbelievable.
Tuesday, 5/10/2011 at 10:05 AM EDT
Nice catch. Fixed that bug.
Tuesday, 5/10/2011 at 1:08 AM EDT
For some reason this show tries to save itself as "Loveline - 1998-12-15 (Guest - no guest).mp3" when you download it instead of 12-16 with John Fugelsang as guest but it is the John Fugelsang episode.
Wednesday, 4/6/2011 at 11:05 PM EDT
The call mentioned below--"the hammer"--MUST be heard. The caller has a (possibly bogus) sex question, nothing out of the ordinary, and yet he manages to be utterly terrifying. If they'd spent more time on him, it could have been among the most memorable calls ever.
Wednesday, 2/2/2011 at 10:50 AM EST
Guests always reveal the most bizarre things on LL. Guest used to host "America's Funniest Home Videos" with Daisy Fuentez - I completely forgot about these lost years of AFV - Saget and that DWTS guy are the only ones in my wheelhouse but I def tuned in to the John/Daisy days in my youth. Anyway - John shares that his mom and dad were ex-nun/clergyman but still hard core religious. A very strange call around minute 20 - some guy that perhaps had a fake accident describes his odd love making technique called "the hammer" (sounds terrifying - as Adam phrased it - can you imagine this guy coming at you naked with an erection (insert my fave scream drop here)). This move makes her wiz or defecate the bed - hopefully bogus.

Adam goes on a rant about Barneys NY store which I appreciate because not only is that place ridiculously expensive, but the staff there are total a holes and worthless. They act like you are intruding on their aloof time when you ask them a simple gd question.
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