Thursday, November 3rd, 2005

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Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Adam Carolla's last show as host

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  1. Liface

    There’s also a male caller who criticizes Adam and Drew for encouraging a lesbian not to come out to her parents, who would hate it.

    Also, Adam trying to explain has point of view at about 47 minutes: “If I was at a Klan rally, I’d be like ‘KILL THE NIGGERS!'”

    Apparently you can say that on national radio. Go figure!

  2. pastahero

    I sort of teared up when Adam told his origin story (hearing about the boxing match, scheming his way into the KROQ building, meeting Jimmy, etc). What if they’d picked some other boxing trainer? Would Adam still be a poor, depressed carpenter to this day?


  3. mrblondegk

    I always wanted to hear this show, and it did not disapoint…..and even though it was almost 7 years ago, I still got a little sad.

    This site rocks. Thanks to those who are responsible for making this available to all the loveline fans who still haven’t found a replacement for Adam & Dr. Drew.

  4. spinfly

    A nice send-off for Adam.

    I think Adam’s comment at 1:30:41 defines exactly what was so great about the show. Drew provided left-brain logical analysis and medical knowledge. Adam offered Adam’s right-brain out-of-the-box thinking and street sense. Putting them together was magical. The comedy was just a bonus.

  5. Higgs

    I grew up listening to the Adam years. As a paramedic, I spent a lot of nights listening to Adam and Drew in Boston. This show got me through many long nights. I’d just like to share what I believe was the greatest call in the history of the show. A girl called and said, “…I was giving my boyfriend a rim job…” at this point, she gets interrupted by someone in the background, and she yells, “…bye nana…”. Without missing a beat she gets right back into the story of giving her boyfriend a rim job as Adam and Drew nearly fall off their chairs, stunned at this girl who called the show to get some tips about a rim job while saying goodbye to her grandmother. Adam riffed on this for about five minutes and even Drew went off on it and it was funny the funniest radio I’ve ever heard. I would love to be able to find that episode, but either way, I wanted to share it. The Adam and Drew years are, IMO, the best radio in the history of the medium.

  6. ryanlibby84

    I have listen to more than half of these tapes over the last two years. many more than once. Its got me through hundreds of boring hours while on deployment in this sand box. Love Adam and Drew so much. Thanks for tis site, its fantastic.

  7. fatbench

    I’ve been listening to the Adam-era shows in chronological order since 2010, and just finished with this show tonight. Adam’s last show was way more of an emotional experience than I had anticipated. This listening experience has undoubtedly expanded my understanding of human behavior, and crippled me with laughter on countless occasions. Although I didn’t listen on the radio when Adam was on (I wasn’t even aware that Loveline was a radio show until I moved to CA for college in 2006), I feel like I have developed a strong connection with the show. Much like Adam describes feeling like he already knew Drew when he began the show because he had been listening for years, I feel like I know the duo quite well. By the 2002 shows I found myself calling out “BOGUS!” with the guys, and getting excited at the faint chirp of a smoke detector. And while my abilities will never rival those of the Ace-man, I feel like I have developed a bit of a nose for junior college. Listening to Adam and Drew develop their friendship and professional relationship has been fascinating, and the thought of the two of them whizzing together and talking on the phone every night while driving home is just plain cute.

    Thank you to everyone responsible for this site. The recordings have entertained me on long drives, commutes on the train, drowning out warnings from flight attendants about removing/tampering/destroying lavatory smoke detectors and while working the overnight shift at my old construction job.

    I plan to go back to 1995 and start the journey over again, and keep some kind of informal journal or tag shows along the way with my favorite moments, but I will probably have to wait a little while before doing so. The emotions are still running too high. I tried to listen to an early show on my commute today and it just felt wrong. Perhaps I’ll read a long book or two and then begin the next iteration of my listening experience. There really is no replacement for what this show has been for me over the years. I’ve had people suggest podcasts or other radio shows for me to try, but no program holds a candle to the Adam years of Loveline.

    On the off chance that anyone involved with the show (Anderson, Ann, etc.) ever reads these comments, Thank you.

  8. vagitarian

    Stumbled upon this site around 2012 and have been completely mesmerized by it, listening for hours almost every night. After years of listening I finally plucked up the courage (and $$$) to go to therapy and address my issues… best decision of my life!

    I finally realized why I was so drawn to this show. Listening made me feel… normal. For once. That other people out there have experienced the same things and very often, even worse. And while they were “wildly effed-up” as Adam would say, they were still alive.

    While still a life-time Adam Carolla fan, I do miss the days when he was doing “good” as well as providing entertainment.

    And is there a more kind-hearted man in Hollywood than Drew? 30+ years helping strangers over the radio AND patients in his office. I’m going to seriously cry on his last night of Loveline :'(

    Thanks to A&D for the show, Jeff/Adam/Giovanni for the site, and to all you guys for keeping the ship afloat!

  9. chekhonte

    I still remember when Adam announced and then left the show. I’d been listening for around 7 and a half years at that point and knew that it would happen eventually but it was still startling news and I’ve never had the connection with any podcast or radio show like I did with the Adam and Drew years of Loveline.

    Coming back nearly 11 years later it’s still sad and fills me with longing at the loss of this show. I don’t think there will be a point where I won’t listen to these recordings every now and again.

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    Jeff Probst, M, 45, Wichita

    Jeff calls in to wish Adam goodbye while filming Survivor Panama. At the time Survivor Guatemala was airing.

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    Dicky Barret, M, 42, Providence

    Dicky from The Mighty Mighty Bosstones calls in to wish Adam farewell.

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    John Dolmayan, M, 33, Beirut

    John from System of a Down calls in to bid Adam farewell. Taboo 2 is dutifully mentioned,

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    DAG, M

    DAG calls in to Loveline with Adam for the last time. Does fake black children's names and fake vomiting. Absolutely hilarious.


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    Andy Dick, M, 40, Charleson

    Andy calls in to bid Adam Farewell. Is on cleanse.

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    Jimmy Kimmel, M, 38, A lot of places or so he claims

    The final Germany or Florida of the Carolla years.

    Germany or Florida?


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