Wednesday, October 26th, 2005

Guest: Beverley Mitchell

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the movie Saw II

Print shop Eric

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  1. bluestrife28

    Wow. The girl toward the end is a classic example of the “1-Mississippi+2-Mississippi in answering a question = F-You.” You can just feel the loathing emanating from her, especially if you are a longtime Loveline listener. We get to where we can hear it just as Adam and Drew describe it; and they bring the ire of you, their anger and victimization that has trained them to make the world mistreat them by pissing people off brings them same response out of you. You want to punch this poor girl because she’s subconsciously become a master at getting people to want to punch her. Very thoughtful and stands out as the #1 Call of the night…though I will admit the Adam Impression around 36:00 or so was absolutely spot-on and made me laugh out loud; that guy had Adam down perfect.

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    Print Shop Eric does his Adam impression again, always funny.


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    Rasputin reference during a psychic impersonation by Adam that cracks Drew up.


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