Monday, October 10th, 2005

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

3.75 (16 votes)

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  1. Justin

    Guy calls in about fetish seeing women with animals says he’s witnessed them with a donkey and a snake.
    Adam proclaims he saw them with a polar bear and an owl.
    Kid calls in says his g/f throat hurts from deep throating him, Drew doesn’t know what “dome” is.

    Later a married woman who swings drops the F bomb, Adam tells her to keep laughing till one of her kids stabs the neighbor with a crochet needle.

    Over all a solid show

  2. sailor215

    1:25:30 adam mentions that cris and ray did not play football their senior year. he has probably brought it up before but this is the first i have heard it. i always figured they played all the way through.

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    Quick story of when Adam built Drew’s son a pinewood derby car. Drew yelling at his son Jordan to thank Adam: “YOU THANK HIM!!!!!”


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