Sunday, October 9th, 2005

Guest: Lisa Edelstein

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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From the TV show House

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  1. Landlubber

    Adam brings up a great theory about how we as people became neurotic pussies. He says as humans we all have survival instinct that we used to have to actually use when we had to hunt and avoid being eaten by lions. Now we all just live in comfortable air conditioned homes with dry food in the cupboards and a fridge full of milk and eggs.

    We don’t need to hunt or avoid the lions anymore, but we can’t shake the survival instinct, so we aim it at other things like pitbull attacks, dirty bombs, and the flu.

    “That’s why the Jews are neurotic and the blacks aren’t. The blacks are still dodging gunfire trying to get something to eat, the Jews got it all figured out, and that’s why they think they have a tumor every two seconds.”

    “People who live hand-to-mouth in Africa can’t afford to be neurotic. But we’re comfortable so we start focusing on killer mold and allergies. This country has more people with more food allergies that don’t exist. But magically the poor Mexicans down at the Home Depot waiting to jump in the back of a van, do they have any food allergies? Poor people magically have no food allergies. ‘Is there dairy in that, I can’t have dairy, and I have a wheat allergy.”


  2. rcpiercy

    It’s interesting that they’ve discovered this to be the case largely because people in poorer and less developed countries are infected with worms. Apparently the immunosuppressant they release to prevent your body from attacking it also have the effect of supressing allergic reactions, which are largely over reactions to benign environmental particles.

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