Thursday, September 15th, 2005

Guest: no guest

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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  1. pastahero

    The “Asian or Jew?” bit happens just before the 1 hour mark and yes, it’s a great one.

    Drew is in OKC. Earlier in the show he puts local morning (zoo?) DJ “Mo” on the air, who wants to kiss Adam’s ass a little. Adam cooks up a plan to freak out his parents by bringing Mo to dinner and declaring him his “life partner.” Good stuff.

  2. Landlubber

    Around 45 minutes Adam starts checking the weather, news, traffic, weather, traffic, weather. Everyone, as usual is checking in at the same temp (this time it’s 67 degrees). Ace asks Drew what the temp is out where he is, and of course Drew screws it all up.

    Drew: “The temp? Um, 68 degrees.”

    Ace: “68? You sure you don’t wanna check that temp again?”

    Drew: “Oh, you’re absolutely right, 69 degrees.”

    Ace: “……67 degrees. It’s not 69. 67 degrees. Drew, do you not know the joke? I said 67 like 128 times.”

    Drew: “I know, I was trying to be a little different.”

    Adam: “Well knock it off.”

  3. Landlubber

    At 1 hour 27 minutes a girl named “Tasher” calls in. This drives Adam over the edge.

    Adam: “That’s a horrible name.”

    Tasher: “Well thank you, I’m glad you like it.”

    Adam: “Is it Tosher or Tasher?”

    Tasher: “Tasher”

    Adam: “Do people call you Tosher?”

    Tasher: “All the time; it’s very rare that anyone actually pronounces it correctly.”

    At this point Drew knows that the rage is boiling up in Adam and tries to intervene by saying they’re about out of time and should move on.

    Adam: “Do you always correct them?”

    Tasher: “Yes.”

    Drew: “Adam, do not take calls, whatever you do, do not take calls.”

    Adam: “I just hung up on her. No, I’m not talking to her. She says she constantly has to correct people. I just can’t stand that human being. Can’t stand it. Can’t stand it.”

    This is one of my favorite pet peeves of Adam’s. He’s absolutely right. Change your stupid name if it does nothing but causes confusion and you go through life having to correct people. What’s the fucking point?!

  4. dylanrush

    Excellent Rich Man / Poor Man.

    Mo is in the OCK studio with Drew and you might consider him a guest considering he doesn’t STFU. Adam laments his presence before he comes on, and once again his foresight is validated. It’s funny listening to him make nice with someone when he clearly does not want to talk to him. “Alright Mo god love ya.”

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