Thursday, December 16th, 2004

Guest: Papa Roach

Host: Adam, Dr. Drew

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Jacoby Shaddix & Tobin Esperance

This explanation is a little complicated!

For the 1st couple minutes you can hear Adam and Dr.drew talking to each other believing they are off air due to tech difficulties. At about 2 minutes into the show a series of bumpers play then you can hear Adam, Drew and guest Papa Roach discussing the tech difficulties unaware they are being broadcast over the various bumpers and Public service announcements. Until 5 minutes in when a segment of 'best of' Loveline featuring the that 70's show cast begins playing and then at 10:47 the show officially starts with guest Papa Roach with them completely unaware they were being broadcast the previous 10 minutes.

It turns out that Jr. Jr. Jr. producer Lauren is very Drunk and so is engineer Anderson who at 13:30 begins to yell out "holy jesus christ no one can here me" except instead of talking to them he is broadcasting himself yelling.

Throughout the show They speak to Engineer Anderson who sounds as if he is on mushrooms, Anderson is so Fu**ed up the band begins to make fun of how much his speech is slurring half way through the show.

Listen to the whole thing it's fantastic.

At around 34:00, Theo calls in to sing them his Loveline Christmas song.

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  1. spinfly

    The fudge convo is good stuff, but the rest of the show is kind of blah. The guest and calls aren’t particularly interesting. The technical difficulties in the beginning are more annoying than anything.

  2. blueskylark

    Great insight into what goes on when the mics are off. Only annoying thing is the Papa Roach band member who keeps trying to speak in a Mexican accent and keeps doing it even though no one else laughs at it.

  3. ct

    Cool getting to hear some candid moments with Adam and Drew not realizing they’re on the air for most of the first 10 minutes. They don’t let anything juicy slip, they’re simply talking about not the technical difficulties, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

    Adam talks about stupid cops who add extra words when talking to you. This is a staple of his podcast these days.

    Theo, creator of the Germany or Florida theme calls in with a Loveline Christmas song. I’m not a big fan of his other ones, but this one is pretty funny.

    A female caller asks Dr. Drew if he has ever heard of a certain medication. HMMM….I WONDER?!

    A guy calls in about the “breaking the seal” theory and puts on his drunk female friends who seem to be really into Adam. Drew disputes the theory. Actually pretty interesting to hear his explanation.


  4. soopa

    around 53 minutes things get ridiculously funny. there was some sort of radio party they had all went to so most of them were drunk especially Anderson.

    At 53 minutes, Adam is saying something about how he traded booze for drugs with Michelle and he felt awesome, like it was a hostage situation negotiation. Anderson drops a clip of Drew saying “nothings safe after about 8 penises” and Adam cracks up saying Anderson is going insane. Now Anderson starts sort of talking back trying to defend himself and the interaction between Anderson and the guys is hilarious:

    Adam: it’s truly Anderson’s last show because he’s getting tired

    Drew: “he’s drunk and sort of tripping and having a technical meltdown”

    Anderson stumbles for a little bit keeps trying to say how he isn’t having a technical meltdown and keeps slurring his speech and mixing his words

    Anderson: “I’ll carry both of you!”

    Anderson: “I can’t talk because I’m tired”


    Anderson: “tired of listenin’ to u buddy!!!!”

    They go on for a bit more and then listen to a song and then after the song they mess with Anderson for a little bit more.


  5. proudcdnguy

    Ahhh almost the entire crew is either drunk or high on drugs. Anderson is especially messed up in this show! Adam claims that junior producer Lauren has had a few to drink as well. I laughed out loud on a number of occasions. Easily a 5 star rating here.

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Calls & Tags (10)

  • call



    Tom, M, 25

    Parents are alcoholics but he as well as his wife don't drink, wonders about addiction. Wife also has PCOS (from best of/cuts off)

    addiction alcohol pregnancy


  • call



    Kelly, M, 22

    Doesn't want to beat off, drew is fascinated by his reasoning and Adam is perplexed/upset.



  • call



    Theo, M

    Debuts the Loveline Christmas song. Drunken Anderson confuses the audience by playing his other songs instead. Mt. Dew rant in the middle.

    Nectar of the 'Tards/Mountain Dew


  • call



    Melinda, F, 19

    Blacked out from mixing alcohol and Ativan the other night, wants to remember what happened. Woke up naked after having a "sexual dream."

    addiction alcohol anti-anxiety medications (Ativan, Klonopin, etc.) morning-after pill/emergency contraception rape/molestation


  • call



    Eve, F, 15

    Had unprotected sex with 20 year old boyfriend 4 days ago. Wants to know about morning-after pill even though the guy didn't have an orgasm.

    addict parents morning-after pill/emergency contraception premature ejaculation


  • call



    Jessica, F, 21

    Friends worried she is turning into a sex addict, she is in denial though.

    sex addiction


  • call



    Nathan, M, 19

    Has weird multiple orgasms, more likely the same one according to Drew

    orgasm difficulties


  • call



    Rick + 2, M, 21, Brea, CA

    Asks about the 'Breaking the seal" theory. Two drunk/stoned girls end up hi-jacking the call.

    addiction alcohol marijuana/pot/weed threesomes/partner-swapping/swinging


  • call



    Eric, M, 23

    Woman stole money from a supermarket.

    Germany or Florida?


  • call



    Brian, M, 19

    Blood was mixed with semen after smoking weed and beating off. Had multiple overdoses on tylenol. Needs a Christmas tree.

    addiction marijuana/pot/weed masturbation orgasm difficulties other drugs


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